@doctorwhom We're drinking because I had to buy a new phone. I did bad things to my LG G7 (which I Adore and just, paid off...naturally I Completely Fucked it on accident, out of it's case). *Face Palm*

Julie and I went to TMobile store(s) and I *swear* she and I in a TMobile store is a >$1200 afternoon. This time we walked out looking at each other like "the hell is this Noise?".

iJunk and some SamCrap Julie likes but I despise Samsung Android. (Been tracking the same dozen bugs across our tablets and Samsung phones for like seven years now.)

Rebuilt primary carry laptop to Kubuntu current LTS which I built Julie and her daughter's laptops in, last year. COVID has made me really shy about major rev upgrades on My personal computers. Stability. SysAdmin says "No things that upset stability!".

Anyway, took longer to torrent and burn Kubutu to a USB than to install it. Backup and restore took twice longer. So it goes.

Now, Bloody New Phone. This will take effin' *Days.*


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