@doctorwhom Found a use for printers. Nice height desk for holding my cutting board while I clean the kitchen.
Never used it for anything else.


Yea, I need a printer like twice a year. And it always takes like 2 hours to use.

@doctorwhom Printers were designed and assembled by demons from the Nine Hells.

@doctorwhom my housemate worked on Halo 1-4. We have good laughter about the past.


I have never played Halo. I've put myself in the Minecraft world, that I only get to play one a week or so.


Like 3 years ago my children and i played BZ Flag constantly for for like a week. It was great, it worked on older computers and all was swell.

I think this was at your goading.

But no friends where playing. So they stopped.


I'm really kinda pissed. My 12 year old came came and started making himself a hotdog and I was like, we are having hotdogs for dinner in an hour. He said he was hungry now, I let him continue while I tried to enplane to him why eating together is impotent. He said he didn't hear and didn't care what I said. I kicked him out of the kitchen.

I think he is going to hold a grudge for years. Plus I feel like shit.

@doctorwhom Ohhhh, I've been Right There mate.

1. Good Call.
2. Small bag of some snack to bridge the hour gap.
3. Dinner as usual.

^ How I've played it in the past. Hope this helps.

Also don't feel like shit. Parenting is an art, not a science.

* I'd had held him upside down until he spit out the hotdog. You know, different styles.

@doctorwhom Dunno why but the community seems dwindling and it was mostly ... Oh Look, I log in and all the servers are up. Including MoFo (Here be dragons).



Any "free" games for Oculus? Wife brought one home from work and child complained that all the games cost too much.

@doctorwhom Nope. Not that I can legitimately access or share anyway.

I lost interested when it got walled.

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