@doctorwhom My neighbors have a "public library" book box (that has saved my sanity during COVID and also how I ended up living here). Guess what I found.

@doctorwhom I haven't opened it yet and I'm disgusted. Paper sucks. Ink is garbage. I haven't touched one in the years.

Probably gonna bitch about the writing.


Yea, it's kind of thin. Maybe they should go back to being bimonthly.

@doctorwhom That was a thing? When?

(Fuck Conde Nast, in the kidneys, with a brick).


@doctorwhom it's on my nightstand and I still haven't opened it (bringing up a CDN to mitigate a router upgrade beyond my control, long week).

Suppose Julie and I are getting back together.

Why she wants my sorry ass back is beyond my imagination.

@doctorwhom You'll Love this...

A fat finger delivered radioactive material to a young man I "mentor" by mistake.

He calls me.

Ok I live in downtown Redmond and he lives on the skirt by Macroslop.

The shipping label was wrong but the packing slip was correct. Oddly by my storage unit and I know the address.

It's marked "Radioactive" and from fucking Oak Ridge. He calls me panicking.

@doctorwhom Well... It's headed to a place in Redmond that does fusion "research".
Box is about 8" on all sides. Weighs less than my tablet.

Me. Huh. Well the address is over by my storage unit, short walk. Let's deliver it.
He: We can't walk nuclear material across Redmond!
Elf: Item of one, it was shipped here. Two, 50ml of radon paint is technically radioactive and must be labeled and I can get it from Amazon.
Three, Sadly it's not enough for me to nuke Microsoft.


Don't DVD players have a radioactive element it it too?

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