@doctorwhom Bre Elf Quote:

"When a SysAdmin says 'jump', you ask 'how Low'... Remember that."

@doctorwhom Before you tell me I haven't changed... Nobody has been arrested or heading to the hospital in the last 20m. I think I'm improving.

@doctorwhom It's Monday, right? Suppose I'll put pants on and find out.

@doctorwhom Oh Friday... Bugger. My luck, there's no BOFH. Bet.


@doctorwhom No BOFH but On Call saves my skull (autocorrupt, leaving it... Meant Soul but whatever) again.


Got NTK rubbed in my face the other day.

The joy that was free WiFi.
And I snagged and snapped the fucker's PCMCIA WiFi card and tossed it in the street like confetti. I did Not hit him with a bat.

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