(About fucking time someone considered this mission.)

NASA, SpaceX study how to boost Hubble to higher orbit • The Register

When you have egg on your face, make an omelet.

Third Culture Bakery Celebrates Loss Of ‘Mochi Muffin’ Trademark With Giveaway | Techdirt

Treja Vu : The feeling you've already seen this silly crap a couple of times.

Please make this guy stop.
I'm gleefully going into cardiac arrest just watching this.



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Great Story hooks:

* So we were drinking...
* There I was, missing my own business...
* We found ourselves with an abundance of explosives...

And I'm adding;
* I worked in a call center...

⁸Roaring Laughter*

Here’s the Goatse Image Hackers Sent on the Seesaw Parent-Teacher Messaging App at Schools Around the Country

That's odd. Two CH-47 Chinooks just flew over the mall in about 500' of the deck. Cute.

[I grew up with them, so heard them and knew what they were a ways out.]

Odd they would overfly RTC but not unheard of.

A good idea from the FCC.
[Even a stopped clock is right twice per day.]

FCC floats 'five-year rule' for hoovering up space junk • The Register

First... this is Excellent Tech ™ if they only meet 80% of throughput [Actual].

* Joke: I'm sitting between an AT&T Test Lab with sexy Faraday Cages and an NTT office. Worked with NTT in the 90s, cool folk.

NTT develops 1.2Tbit/s optical comms that sip power • The Register

Second... I haven't heard ”Baud” as a unit of measurement in a Very Long Time, BBS days. So long in fact, with a grin, I decided to look it up. ⁸Roaring Laughter* And first link, first sentence... Totally worth it.


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A dear friend, townie, and kaiju once told me in context "this is not a game"

He couldn't have been more right.

Scorched void is my policy with regards to evil.

I'm trying to figure out a strange water "thing" in the house.

Got an Endoscope that (fucking cool) works with my (industrial and Elf resistant armored) tablet.

1. It's snake like (ok like 8m) and roughly CAT6 in size and stiffness.
2. Oh dear... it has forward and side lights. and my assistant likes the lights.

My Assistant lacks previous IT experience and may perhaps not be suited for her self appointed role as intern.

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@juliewebgirl Just sent me the original patient for toilet paper. There is no longer an argument. This isn't Mac vs PC or VI and Emacs...

Toilet paper comes over the Front.

No Contest.

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