How to piss off everyone:

Use XEmacs. On a Mac. In VIper mode.

President Trump's aides are increasingly worried that the 2020 race has already been defined as a referendum on Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a historic shift to remote and early vote options, time is running out for a comeback. #News #AP #Politics #Trump

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is this a fucking joke, I literally cant see what the design community is saying

Well, my employer has decided to back out of their lease and close the office permanently.

I'm not at all opposed to working from home from here on - but I'll admit I was surprised when it was announced.

Reality is that which - once you stop believing in it - doesn't go away.

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The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) bidding cities for 2022 are Chicago (USA) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

One of those countries has an authoritarian theocratic regime that is dangerous to queer people, Black people and journalists. The other is in the Middle East.

Right now I'm concentrating on the "not going extinct" part - but many of my fellow meat-beings are really not on board.

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I've come to the conclusion that the upcoming robot takeover of the planet is a natural evolutionary step.

Life starts. It goes through a long, slow meat stage. Sadly, that stage is fragile and often violent. Most of the time it goes extinct.

But - sometimes - they invent machines that supplant them. Those machines go on to explore the universe and find other machines who know better than to talk to meat-beings.

Hence the silence.

To me, this makes IT a less exciting field. Programming is already well on its way to becoming professionalised, and computers are no longer a special interest. It’s fully retail, there is a big industry surrounding it, and it gets regular press coverage.

If I’m going to be involved in a technical field in the future, it would have to be an immature one where people are still experimenting and doing things for the first time.

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A federal judge has blocked federal agents from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers at the ongoing Portland, Oregon, protests. #News #AP #Oregon #Portland

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An important Buzzfeed piece by Ryan Mac and Craig Silverman uses leaks and insider accounts from Facebook to paint a picture of a company where morale is in freefall, as techies are forced to confront their role in a sociopathic institution.


Never understood the urge to turn a smartphone into a little Linux computer. I met some Linux kid who didn’t own one yet because what he wanted a pocket laptop with a touch screen and no keyboard. That’s what he wanted a smartphone to be. To me, the smartphone is a way of taking a break from the computer. It’s a different environment, streamlined for entertainment and communication, not nerdy stuff. It’s an appliance, not a general purpose computer.

After dealing with relatives this weekend this is the only song in my head

I love it when you try to execute a command in your own Linux machine that requires elevated privileges but you get the password wrong and the program is like, "This incident will be reported to the administrator!"


Fawkes is a new anti-facial recognition tool from University of Chicago Sand Lab. It subtly alters faces in images so that that they cannot be correctly classified by common machine learning classifiers, while leaving them legible to human viewers.

These small changes - adversarial preturbations - merge features from other peoples' pictures with your own to cause classifiers to misfire, mistaking pictures of you for pictures of your "masking" target.


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