My most convoluted #electronics measurement setup: I wanted to see what happens at the exact moment of an AC power loss. One needs a good trigger signal to catch that 8-millisecond glitch when the offline UPS (test subject) transfers to battery (or a deep memory scope which I don't have).

I had a remote-controlled AC outlet, on the remote control there is a power LED that blinks, so I had an idea... I cracked opened the remote, soldered two wires across the power LED, and fed this signal to the External Trigger input of the oscilloscope, then I just pressed OFF. It worked.

So I just watched the #AppleEvent

The new MacBook Pro is a phenomenal device.

Will I buy one?

Hell no.

Why not?

Because Apple is planning on fundamentally violating our privacy by implementing client-side scanning.

So I no longer trust them.

#apple #privacy

Housing costs spike: makes capitalists money, so no problem
Food costs spike: makes capitalists money, so no problem
Education costs spike: makes capitalists money, so no problem
Labor costs spike: EMERGENCY

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Please help @stux maintain all of his awesome open-source online services by donating a few bucks!

His monthly bills are exploding and he needs to shut some services down due to a lack of funding:

Consider buying him a digital coffee on ❤️

#FundStux #CoffeeForStux

**Colin Powell, Who Helped George W. Bush Lie Nation Into Iraq War, Dead at 84**

""It's crucial to remember just how important Colin Powell was to selling the Iraq War, and how deliberately he used his public credibility to boost the lies that pushed us into the war. That is his biggest legacy.""

#news #bot

I love every movie that attempts to depict the ISS or the (now defunct) Mir. It's never anywhere near realistic and always glorious.

So, I’ve decided to quit my job. I’m so busy with it I don’t have time to find another job… and I’m miserable at this one.

Engineering leadership has decided that the flagship product - built originally on a laptop using Ruby on Rails - should not be refactored but, instead, shoved wholesale into a k8s via containers. All total the image size is 1.8 GB in size.

It can’t scale. Stuffing it in a k8s wrapper won’t make that better. I’m done.

I pick up my phone. I press the button-which-isn't-really-a-button - nothing! It won't press! My phone is broken or has crashed...

Oh, I'm holding it upside down. Nm.

"hAhaAA kids are so STOOPID they will eat TIDE PODS!!" takes horse medicine

I FINALLY decommissioned the old Ubuntu 14.04 LTS box that was being used for dev work.

It took *way* too long to untangle the dependencies on that VM host.

Computer security professionals who put their documents in Microsoft Word.

The irony is almost painful.

I'm watching my cow-orkers slowly build a distributed system that will be nearly impossible to troubleshoot.

This is because they decided to just throw everything in Docker and run it on k8s as-is - "Let's pretend a container is a VM!" - instead of rewriting the thing for that architecture.

Works *okay* but not great for now - but the minute they add much more complexity or load it is going to collapse.

Labeling nuclear waste sites for future civilizations is pointless because

Scientists: this place is bad do not go here

Every human: bro that sounds sick

@ElfLord @element14
Pissing off a crow is also just a waste of an opportunity to make a quirky friend

Don't piss off a crow. Crows will fuck your shit up.

Google is sending me 30€ I am a youtuber now
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