Shout out to the Mamba 500 team for putting together a great race and event, it was a hit ⭐

Do you have a Stream Deck?

We've created and released a free plugin that lets you run FiveM commands through Stream Deck, no more macros and messy key combos - Works on all servers, search for "FXCommands" on the Stream Deck plugin store!

Stancing and lift kits are now available from Deluxe Customs!

That's right! You've been requesting it for ages, and now its here!

Head on down to Deluxe Customs to fulfill all your JDM camber & offset desires, and to shred the mountains with a brand new 4" lift on your Hilux!

(Photo credits: yourtypicalLeb#5859)

The Festive Season has started here at EggRP! Fly into the city and join in on some of the festive fun throughout Christmas!

Photo Credits: Kairo#0001 (Discord)

We've finished our implementation of an optimised, quality automatic fire system for the FRV department 🔥

Periodically random structure fires may be lit up in the city and dispatch will notify firefighters who are on duty - if you see a fire make sure to stay back at a safe distance and call emergency services! 🚨

Looking for something to do in city?

Be sure to frequent the "📅-event-notice" channel in discord as player events are hosted daily from Show N Shine meets, The Egg Fighting Championships, Off Road adventures, Giveaways and much more.

A great way to meet new players, win prizes and have some extra fun 😀🥚

Our drug rework is finally here!

With new farming options for a range of drugs as well as the introduction of GTA:O style warehouses for larger groups, gangs and syndicates - jump in and get cooking!

Feeling Lucky? 💎

The EggRP Casino update is finally here!

Play a range of games including horse racing, slot machines, roulette, poker and blackjack at the Diamond Casino!

(photo credit: Kairo Calloway)

Did you know the community hosts regular events?

Be sure to check the #📅-event-notice channel in the discord regularly and join in on the fun!

(photo credit: John Gibbson)

Are you a 4x4 or off-roading fan?

Explore amazing locations and trails around the city, hang out with other enthusiasts and have some fun.

Be sure to join in on the next 4x4 meet and drive event hosted frequently by Gibson's 4x4 club - Check our discord events section for details.

(photo credit DNA Media)

And we're live!

Watch this space for updates from time to time - our main update / announcement platform will remain in the Discord however we will now start publishing select content directly to this feed.

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