Went to make a mastodon.art account, realized that I HAVE a mastodon.art account that I made over 2 years ago and just... never used.

The Bob Emergency was great, and my dad actually got a kick out of the saddest punt in the world video.

Oh, and the "what if Barry Bonds played without a bat" video was amazing.

Go watch Secret Base is what I'm saying.

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I read 17776 a few years ago and was so enraptured that I finished the whole thing in one sitting, promptly followed Jon Bois on Twitter, and then got busy and never really looked at his stuff again. Now I'm chewing through the Secret Base backlog and, specifically "The History of the Atlanta Falcons," and I'm once again completely enthralled by journalism about a sport I don't even watch.

Star Trek TNG prequel where they Rodney Copperbottom Data growing up but like badly so he's otherwise like a 12 year old but has a single correctly proportioned adult man arm installed

Bogart's bass fills are something I really need to dig into, they sound totally unique to him, it's really on display at the beginning of Lady

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The live version, specifically, I mean, doing the clav riff through a talk box, you can't beat that with a stick

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The Beck, Bogart, & Appice cover of Superstition fucking rips

I don't play as much rhythm guitar as I probably should but a fast strummed 16th note strumming pattern felt in 3-3-2-1-3-2-2 is probably my favorite thing to play on guitar, it just sounds nice

Inspired by The Grand Unified Theory of Johnny (that every instance of "Johnny" in a folkloric context is in fact the same guy), I present you the Total Eclipse of The Owner of a Lonely Heart Shaped Box Theorem.


Rephrasing solipsism as "that the average person is 1.3157894736842E-8% extant is actually a misconception as Existence Georg is a statistical outlier and should not have been counted"

Also my simulated leslie setup can spin much faster than your wimpy, wooden, susceptible-to-centrifugal-forces meatspace leslie, so take that!

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It's nowhere near perfect, getting all the "imperfections" of a rotary organ's sound in there has been a challenge, but this is where I'm at on building and organ in VCV Rack so far

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ALSO NEW ALBUM!!!! Look!!!


It is much more synth-based than my first one, I think you might like it better. (I like it better.)

#CreativeToots #music

I'd probably end up putting together some kind of wooden riser to go inside so that the power supply has something between it and the pedals, and so the pedals aren't at the bottom of a potentially slightly deeper than necessary enclosure

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And I'll probably keep my eye out for anything that looks suitable for basing a pedal board on, just anything that's a case I can flip open, jam my power supply inside, and stick a velcro strip on, and probably cut a hole for the power cable. I'm picturing like a small, ridgid suitcase, something like this

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Tentatively going to the thrift store tomorrow to try to find:

- maybe a jacket or something to wear to shows

- jeans?

- maybe a computer mouse if they happen to have anything that looks serviceable

- and if I found a decent pair of leather shoes/boots in my size that I could oil, polish, and maybe redye into something presentable, maybe that

I listened to a medium amount of Judas Priest in high school but not much after that beyond the occasional relisten to the Painkiller album and good lord I forgot how hard the 3 album stretch Screaming for Vengeance - Defenders of The Faith - Turbo goes.

Actually... my keyboard also has some keys that are going out, maybe when I replace it I'll relegate my current one to that role 🤔 Maybe it's time I learn AutoHotkey

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Maybe I'll become one of those people with a whole separate macro keyboard to compensate for losing my 12 macro keys from the mouse.

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