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Our mailserver seems to heavily delay incoming emails from google gmail accounts. i am looking into it...

In the meantime, please have any regular contacts use a different a non or G suite account, or use an alternate email. Sorry about that!

Everything should be working now! 🎉

There will be downtime on later today (~16.00 EDT) in order to install+configure modoboa. Will keep updates in this thread :)

Updating drone ci to a newer version, may be down for just a few minutes!

The migration will happen in a few days, sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, the gitea instance is still @

Please be sure to update your remotes

All sites/ services have been opted-out of floc...

(you can do it in nginx with `add_header Permissions-Policy interest-cohort=();`)

CI (Moved to Drone) is now fully working!

Renovate (for automatically updating dependencies) has been added and configured!

More details + how to set up (until I add it to the documentations site):

Woodpecker CI ( for Gitea is now hooked up! I'll run some test builds later today to confirm everything is ok.

To connect your account, use your username and your password (or create and save an access token as your password).

Tomorrow I hope to update Gitea and dig more into providing CI/ renovate for it. should be practicing for an upcoming rcm exam but the upgrade at least shouldn't take too long.

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Updates for today! Set up an instance of 0x0 here --

Source of my clone:

and an accompanying helper script:

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