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Not using this as much as I thought, at @earnestma though :)

Not using this as much as I thought, at @earnestma though :)

Any advice for this? I'm trying to access my Nextcloud through Dolphin (KDE) - set up through Settings > Online Accounts.

It apparently still requires a username+password and says that the website does not require authentication.

#nextcloud #kde #dolphin

Just made my ansible configuration files public! I've been working on these and hopefully will apply them to my main laptop soon :)

Going to be reading on my ipad for the next few days, am about to ship out my kindle paperwhite for a replacement

another library run complete + a free drink from starbucks because birthday 😃

:toot:​ logged into my windows partition, somehow that's the only device where i'm able to access now? 😕

happy to announce that after months of putting it off, i've set up automated backups of at least my laptop lol

next is testing restores and backing up server data

Quartz seems nice ( - I'm going to see if it works as a theme instead of trying to merge it

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Question for anyone that uses gpg, a cli password manager that uses it, and cron - how do you prevent it from asking for a password each time? e.g. for syncing mail

i think i'm going to go with obsidian

probably not going to use the mobile app (I save things to remind myself to deal w/ later in keep)

publishing is sorta pricey but leaving my notes private (at least in the beginning) will hopefully let me put more in it

leaving myself this link for later in case i need it:

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yup, i'm looking at notion/ roam-like things again

i'd like to have web publishing, with the ability to leave some things private. convenience is more of a priority, and i don't mind paying < $10/ month

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hmmm... roam has a linux desktop app

still too expensive for me though lol

edit - down to just 2 tabs lol (that i'll add to read list)

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