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"May if please your Majesty! If you believe in the true Divine Book and Word of God (i.e., the Quran), you will find there [that God is styled] Rabb-ul-alamin, the Lord of all men and not Rabb-ul-musalmin, the Lord of the Muhammadans only"

This letter of Shivaji Maharaj to Aurangzeb, is so contemporary when it comes to Economic Distress and Discrimination. #CAB #NRC #EconomicCrisis

"No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true."


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When actions can't stand to scrutiny, make the public too crazed with bloodlust to think about their own interest.


Watch "Indian Mard || Sanjay Rajoura || Aisi Taisi Democracy" on YouTube youtu.be/uHJE-2w7fJU

Watch "Indian Mard || Sanjay Rajoura || Aisi Taisi Democracy" on YouTube youtu.be/uHJE-2w7fJU

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When dealing with rape cases, it's become a simple equation now.
If the accused is an inconsequential person, kill him.

If he is a BJP leader, kill the victim.

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First be inefficient in your job.
Then let the victim suffer brutality.
Be silent on communalising the crime.
Kill the law and call it justice.
Ride the rage and be the hero.

That's the #police in #newindia

#HyderabadHorror #crimeagainstwomen #HyderabadRape #HyderabadEncounter #india

हे राम,
जीवन एक कटु यथार्थ है
और तुम एक महाकाव्य!
तुम्हारे बस की नहीं
उस अविवेक पर विजय
जिसके दस-बीस नहीं
अब लाखों सिर-हाथ हैं
और विभीषण भी अब
न जाने किसके साथ है
इससे बड़ा क्या हो सकता है
हमारा दुर्भाग्य
एक विवादित स्थल में सिमट कर
रह गया तुम्हारा साम्राज्य
-कुंवर नारायण

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All 4 accused in Hyderabad vet rape and murder accused killed in police encounter - India News.

I do not condone rape, but THIS is unacceptable. They were entitled to due process and it appears to be a summary execution. A full judicial enquiry has to be ordered.

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The Constitution of India guarantees in Article 14. What will happen to that?
What will happen to the Preamble?

The Indian Express: Govt brings law-making religion key to citizenship for illegals.

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Owaisi is right, with such idiotic idea of Citizenship, BJP govt is proving that Jinnah was correct that time on two nation.

Scroll.in: Citizenship Bill will revive two-nation theory, warns Asaduddin Owaisi.

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Three Rapists go to Hell after their execution

Satan welcomes them and asks the first one:
Why did you rape?
The Answer: Because she was dressed all wrong at Sunday mass.

Satan asks the second one. The answer: Because it was a Jihad and she was my trophy!

Satan takes a look at the third one and says, "Oh, you I've been waiting for"

Third Guy: How do you know about me?

Satan: Oh when I was visiting Delhi 4 years ago, you asked me to vote for Modi.

If you have more than one reason to do something, don't do it. By invoking more than one reason to do something, you are trying to convince yourself to do it.

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"Three of the contracts under the Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Railway project went to Gujarat-based firms that donated to BJP in the past," writes @AdityaMenon22@twitter.com.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheQuint/status/12

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