Ram Madhav says people are confused.

If people are confused that means people are trying to understand and this is a dooms day scenario for a political party.

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आमार बुके खुदीराम, तोमार बुके नाथूराम
(मेरे सीने में खुदीराम, तुम्हारे सीने में नाथूराम)

Love You

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Another one bites the dust! At this rate, these fools will need to build a mausoleum to showcase their Sanghi-brains! And, it's business as usual for professionals like @DeccanHerald@twitter.com to put them on 'spotlight'

तेरा निज़ाम है सिल दे ज़ुबान शायर की
ये एहतियात ज़रूरी है इस बहर के लिए

- दुष्यंत कुमार

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Thank you PM Modi for uniting us against CAA

The way Muslims have been excluded in CAA is purely political. Politics works this way, Muslims will revolt against the unjust law, and when they revolt, the agenda of Hindus versus Muslims will be established


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CAA_NRC protests expanded from Jamia, simply because the young people of India, knew it was injustice to get the police to use lathis in libraries

मनुष्य के लहू का चस्का लगा आपको
किसी ने टोका तो ठस्का लगा आपको
अन्ट-शन्ट बक रहा जनून में
शासन का नशा घुला खून में

राजा महाराजा आप
नवाबों के नाना आप
आपकी चाल-ढाल देख-देख लोग हैं दंग
हकूमती नशे का वाह-वाह कैसा चढ़ा रंग

- बाबा नागर्जुन से मुआफी के साथ

Why an incompetent security apparatus is dangerous for a dictator?

Those in the security services who stand to benefit from a regime based on repression may seek to compromise a dictator by committing acts of violence for which he will be blamed. The true goal in such cases may be to force the dictator to switch from an information-based strategy (propaganda/censoring) to one based on sheer force.

When society, institutions and politics are damaged, the economy begins to stall, because economy is embedded in society, institutions and politics.

जो मर जाता है
वह बोलता नहीं है
वह सोचता नहीं है ।

जो बोलता नहीं है
जो सोचता नहीं है
वह मर जाता है ।

- पाश

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NRC पर मोदी और शाह का अंतरद्वंद आया सामने मचा घमासान।
संघ में मची अफरातफरी।
अब आएगा मज़ा 😊

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Youth, who’s supposed to read, study and know things is advised to stay shut by the people who literally earn by selling propaganda.

Smell the irony.

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you dont gotta win hearts and minds, you just gotta win.

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Govt That Abides By Constitution Has Nothing To Fear From Dissent: Justice Gautam Patel
Video: bit.ly/35xOzWQ

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