reminder that "I don't care about cookies" was purchased by Avast and you should remove it before they sell your personal information.

Is it just me or has YouTube gotten even worse in terms of performance on the PC?

Who do you trust more to run your services: a multibillion dollar surveillance corporation, or some cat from the netherlands? : r/BrandNewSentence

Не очень люблю осень за депрессивные приколы, которые происходят со мной :blobcatsneezing:

just listened to this on my headphones. I hate that audio compression :twitter:

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interesting it turns out, I had to send the video first to twitter, then download the video from there and send it here. the original did not work because of an error that I do not quite understand, I think it is worth telling the admin

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i bought the license just for that. damn
(well, not really...)

I haven't made music in MONTHS and I've already lost the inspiration and drive to practice. I have a couple of ideas that I would like to implement, I will try to do when I find time

for those who wondered where I was (are there any?) - I completely forgot about my mastodon profile... :blobcatsad:

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