#fediblock is good because it highlights the strengths of federation. Bad people, like nazis and shit, are isolated from the rest of the fediverse. Its harder for them to infiltrate communities, which is mostly how neonazi ideologies have spread. Also its my own fucking right to listen to who I want, and to deplatform you from my timelines

The U.S. Rejoined The Paris Climate Accord β€” Why That Matters ift.tt/3dy97oU

For those wondering about the #cat I post every #Caturday:

Her name is Ivy; she is a rescue cat whom we adopted almost four years ago! She is an adorable bundle of joy who loves her cuddles and acts as if she is still a kitten, even though we estimate her to be at least five years of age. She loves riding on shoulders, running through tunnels, and playing with just about anything. She'll even go as far as to chase her own tail or shadow!

Not a day goes by where she doesn't make us smile or laugh out loud. We love her to bits and she loves us just as much - she isn't afraid to show that she does.

People aren't trained to test their own opinions with rigorous logic. I know I wasn't. πŸ™‚
So the tendency is to only seek support for our personal opinions and interpretations.
Revenue driven social media pushes viewers to repeat interactions by offering what they "like," creating echo chambers.
People need to test their thoughts and opinions.

The human mind sorts input using 2 basic questions:
How are things alike?
How are things different?
These 2 questions form the basic plurality of human ideology. Following only one line of questioning leads to imbalance. Using both methods leads to balance. I've oversimplified things but as far as I can tell this is what leads to the basic paradox of the human condition.

Well, it took a while but my petition to keep strong encryption without backdoors legal in th EU is now open for supporters!

Please feel free to support it and or boost/promte it


#Georgia #GArunoffs #VoteWarnockAndOssoff #ElectionDay

We need your help! Please vote if you haven't and ask your friends, neighbors, and family to vote.

We need to make sure President Biden and VP Harris can get things done!
#VoteBlue #Vote #BeAVoter

Hmmm, an , well ... I'm an old man (55+, he, him) I'm a . Specifically: Looking forward to "Revolution of the Daleks" Been watching since the mid-'70s (Pertwee/Baker) I've seen every episode of every barring recent seasons of Discovery and Below Decks. I like , with a fondness for Fate Core. I've had 1 Fate Accelerated setting published (see: fate-srd.com/fate-codex/time-h ) There, that's a start.

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