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" [...] we humans have a habit of going into phases of mass destruction, generally self imposed to some extent or another."

#OtD 8 Aug 1845 UK Parliament passed an enclosure act taking away public land and appointing officials who could enclose more land without approval from MPs – one of 5,000 such acts passed. This dispossession created the working class.

Just had a question about this, thought it might be useful to answer as a post:

There are lots of different server types on the Fediverse, but they talk to each other using a common standard called ActivityPub.

This means you don't need to be on the same server type to interact.

For example, if you're on a Mastodon server you can have a conversation with someone on a Friendica server.

This works even when the server types are very different. People on Mastodon etc can like, comment and share videos from @peertube or follow livestreaming accounts on @owncast. (To see examples, take a look at @FediVideos)

This process is so seamless that you may not even be aware you're interacting with people from other server types. If you're a Mastodon user, try clicking on @bobfisherphoto and it will look like a Masto account, but it's actually a @pixelfed account. To see what an account "really" looks like, click on the avatar on its profile page.

"It's estimated that more than 10,000 tonnes of cosmetic waste goes to landfill every year in Australia, because make-up products aren't generally accepted in kerbside recycling."

"That's because they are too small to be sorted at a regular facility and often contain complex and mixed materials as well as remnant product, which makes them tricky to recycle alongside regular glass and plastics."

"So what should you be doing with your old make-up and perfumes?"

It’s funny that they’re finally figuring out that warcrimes are always a part of war and there’s no such thing as a clean war

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If you are #new to the #Fediverse you can find many good tips by @feditips - just follow them.

And if you sit in this empty black #beginner box and want to shout "anybody out there?": Everything can be found with #hashtags - but only if the toot (the posting) is public. So, if you love #beetles or look for people interested in #beetles, just check the hashtag and #bugs and #coleoptera ...
Yes, I want to check the last one! And I use it!

As a Middle Eastern man this type of shit makes my goddamn blood boil.

We're constantly sold on the idea that America is the "Land of opportunity" and yet when we flee war torn countries looking for a better life, we're treated like absolute garbage or worse, killed in cold blood by racist assholes.

"The US Senate has approved a bill that includes $369bn (£305bn) for climate action - the largest investment in America's history."

"The authors of the Inflation Reduction Act say it will cut the country's carbon emissions by 40% by 2030."

"Some households could receive up to $7,500 in tax credit to buy an electric car and $4,000 for a used car."

Rabbit hole for me: looking at this tiny hardware shop, I just found out that there are no Walmarts in Germany because price-cutting is not allowed, so every store sells at the same prices 😳 What in the eff?
RT @euronews
🇩🇪 Germany is also seeing soaring sales of electric heaters over fears supplies of Russian gas will be cut this winter.

Waiting for all the Palestinian flags to appear in everyone's profile pictures now that is bombing hospitals and butchering children in ... Again.

I don't know why I keep my login to LinkedIn (not entirely true... at some point I'll need to find a job again). Shit pieces like this are really something.

"We live our lives in a fabricated theatre, all of us – we live through performances. Which is OK, it makes life bearable and it is very human."

Our lives (and therefore deaths) are entangled. Not just by a communal or collective orientation, but by the tangible realities of causality, material vulnerability and webs of human connection.

Happy International Cat Day! Hang on, isn’t every day International Cat Day?! It is in our family! Fluffy is a and demands to be treated as such!

So, here is Queen Fluffybum, the first of her name, with a brand new collar especially for the occasion, as she takes her morning repose whilst watching the birds dance just for her on this glorious occasion! We don’t have a throne for her unfortunately, but she has a million beds and a particular box that she’s claimed, so she’ll have to manage with those and the windowsill at my dad’s house!

…how will your be spending this most holiest of days? Let me know in the comments!

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I don't know what life is like in China or in Taiwan, but I do think it's odd for a democracy to have someone in power for 19 years straight who so few people like

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is in and has started military ops in the area! 🤦‍♂️

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