Last night I dreamed about the detective Conan theme. Have it stuck in my head now.

Last night I had a dream in which my first girlfriend appeared. It was actually quite pleasant. We ended up smuggling some things in suitcases through Klingone territory

I also dreamt that I was in London to watch a punk bank. I then joined in with my saxophone for a couple of songs and then I was part of the band. After the concert, members of the band went rioting, looting and even shot people.
Too much for me, I found my way back to the youth hostel I'm staying. But the folding bridges were very hard to cross, I fell a couple of times

Taking pictures in the rain by my brother and using open source encrypted real life room chats. At least his cameras appeared to be weatherproof

Just remembering that I went from the airport straight to an army recruiting thing. However, I did not pass

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I also dreamt about packing my things because I was heading overseas. But I got sidetracked by trying to pimp My laptop etc. In the end I made it to the airport but I was very confused about check ins and quarantine regulation etc.

In my next dream I actually was Sherlock Holmes. Some evil masterplan was going on. Had to do with submarines and water etc... The big evil thing was in the end that they actually exchanged all the water on the planet. And although it looked like water, it has distinct properties necessary for the Grand evil plan.

I dreamt that we would all go to this alternative healing place that sold you very expensive wool blankets and they would heal you. Some ppl would levitate in the air while getting healed. I always ended up with metal retainers in my teeth which was very annoying. We then saw though his game and made everything public and how he cheated. He injured a couple of us with his knife and had special armed forces and everything. In the end we were rescued by Sherlock Holmes

Another nice dream. It looked like I was very wealthy. Instead of getting money via credit cards I had various CDs. I wanted to impress a cashier in a tobacco store by buying heaps of stuff. But I couldn't get the money out of the ATM.

I also had to help my old music teacher to transport some equipment up a very steep hill for a concert. Of course we were in a hurry and super late... As always.

Then I dreamt about taking the bus to my orthopaedic. Of course I never arrived there but got sidetracked 20 times. The bus broke down, I was not wearing shoes, ran into a skiing area... In the end it was all just a dream within my dream.

Wow, many dreams that night. First one was a lucid dream where I would run around town and fly with the crows.

Dreaming a lot about my old University town/suburb. I'm too drunk to make it to the next party and can't make it up icy hills. Then I arrive but things are different. Instead of a student pub, it's fancy people listening to a symphony orchestra. Finally I meet a friend and he is all fucked up too. Then having conversations with other people about the government's efforts to analyse big data. In the we watch a self produced movie about a very angry octopus man/creature

I dreamt that I was in the army and in the war. Deployed on a navy ship or sth.... Aircrafts attacked...

Then some dream about being in a car and the driver provoking an accident. We were part of a mob so afterwards we got rid of that guy

Dreaming about attending a huge metal concert. There was a massive tent covering the whole areas with smaller tents inside for the bands. However, I found it super boring and had arguments with other people.

I also remember that I was doing research and supposed to host a conference dinner for my professor. I stuffed up things, couldn't find my results and when the people arrived I completely panicked.
I went into atrial fibrillation and needed to be rescuscitated.

I dreamt that I was playing poker with a friend and a politician that I don't like. I decided I had enough and left the house without telling them. I took some ibuprofen as well. The Streets were stacked full with cars but none of them had its lights on and it was quite difficult to see them. I felt like in the Truman show. One car parked next to me with his light turned on and then I realised that I was able to fly and grow in size too.

Today I dreamt about my old neighbour who is very egocentric and quite frankly an ...hole. my dad rent a shed to him once and recently kicked him out. However, he refused to return the keys because he cut/copied the keys and they are his property he said... Instead of fighting, my dad just installed a new lock for a few bucks.
Today I dreamt about a real estate magnate explaining to tv journalist how this neighbour is an outcast of society and has big mental problems.

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