sorry using public

rp mau followan tidak? rep/boost yaa, kalo bisa autofollback, makasih :0130:

sorry using public.

anak rp ayoo mutualan, boost/rep aja yaa

Ada yg mau followan? rep atau boost/rt aja ya

( lama lama gua pacaran sama stux saking baik nya.. )

Someone is mad again, tolong kalau bisa jangan lupa unlisted ya anak RP :(

Kasihan tl mereka ikutan kena sama toots kita soalnya kalau ngga di unlisted :(

Tolong yang minta follovvback di unlisted/direct ya, ownernya sendiri yg bilang kalo itu mengganggu di timeline global.

Unlisted itu apa sih? Unlisted itu gunanya biar gak masuk timeline global dan ngespam. Kalo direct apa? Direct itu kayak dm tapi sistemnya dipost dan yang bisa baca cuma orang yang kita mention aja.

Terus itu ada dimana? Ada di icon yang gambarnya dunia. Disana juga ada pilihan private, jadi postingan kamu cuma bisa diliat mutual.

⚠️ Please stop asking for follows and just list your account in the user directory! (See screenshot) Go to account settings and check the box:

When you do ask for a follow please post unlisted so that people on the local & global timelines are not bothered by this! You can do that by clicking/tapping on the "Globe" icon and change to "unlisted" πŸŽ‰ Thank you!

Welcome to Mastodon all! :ablobcatwave:

Before you start posting please read out guidelines on

If you can and like please think about supporting us financially, we are a free open source platform without ads.

The platform costs a lot of money(over €500 a month) to maintain and every donation helps us a lotβ™₯️

See how you can help on

Thank you :blobcathearts:

W/N : This platform is a PUBLIC platform. it's made for PUBLIC to interact each other, not ONLY to satisfy your RP needs. So please, respect the other users besides RP users. Use "enlisted" / "direct" on the 🌎 icon to reply other user's toot or to mention someone. With that, your toot won't be visible on the public timeline and of course it won't disturb other users. Also, watch out for spamming/flooding. The system may auto reports you and @ stux may silence your account. Please cooperate πŸ˜πŸ™

ini tutorial minta fb tanpa kena spam report, dan juga ga ngotorin tl
1. ngetoot kaya mau minta fb normal
2. klik icon bumi
3. lalu pilih langsung yg icon surat
yu bisa yu biar menikmati main rp disini

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