Ah the joy...had goosebumps !


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Hospital staff applaud as Spain’s first patient who’s recovers from Coronavirus leaves hospital. So touching & emotional.😢

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People like him will not acquire basic sense anytime soon. But the rest can update their minds and stop making such idiots of any importance.
Current times are very very critical. Please stick to scientific guidelines n advise. We can survive this through with science.

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कुछ धूर्त कह‌ रहे हैं कि मूर्ति और मंदिरों की जगह हॉस्पिटल बनवाए होते तो थाली और ताली नहीं बजानी पड़ती ।
मुफ्तखोरों को समझाओ इटली और चीन ने हॉस्पिटल ही बनवाए हैं मंदिर नहीं !

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This , , is a special kind of war.
Frontline soldiers are only asking you to stay at home and binge on Netflix/Amazon/YouTube ..whatever.

Give your best 🙂.

update . Mixed emotions.

China reopening slowly.
UK got locked down last night.
India crosses 500 confirmed cases
New York worse hit in US
Italy rate of new cases slows down.

The end of the disaster can be brought nearer by other countries if people follow guidlines very very stringently and lock downs happen in time.

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: to lift outbound travel restrictions starting April 8 and other cities in Province to resume transport services from March 25, local authorities announced on Tuesday.

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BREAKING: China lifting restrictions on travel to and from Hubei province at midnight, except for Wuhan, where travel restrictions will be lifted on April 8

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That's equivalent to the size of one EU country or an Indian state under complete lock down for two months. Helped stem the virus spread since lock down.

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BREAKING: China will lift Wuhan lockdown at epicenter on April 8th. ~60 million have been locked down since Jan 23 in Hubei. Transportation will resume. This is after new official cases in Hubei dropped to zero days ago @quicktake@twitter.com

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No idea why test kits are scarce and expensive.
PCR used for testing is an old technology, virus has been sequenced, primers can be made available, reagents are there for decades, PCR machines are fairly common... Where is the hitch? Why this bottleneck?
Something fishy?

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"We have a simple message for all countries: Test, test, test. Test every suspected case."

"You cannot fight a fire blindfolded, and we cannot stop this pandemic if we don't know who is infected," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says. abcn.ws/2w1QJSj

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Friends ,
One doctor of mohalla clinic is down with Corona
My appeal to all health care workers, DO NOT SEE PATIENTS WITHOUT PROPER PRECAUTIONS.Very imp nt only to save yrself bt also 2 prevent spread in community.

Dr Arun Gupta
President,Delhi Medical Council

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Stay at home (max possible)
Wash hands
Social distancing 1-2 metres.
Don't touch your face with ur hands

If New dry cough, fever - self Isolate 7 days

Avoid thali banging ( khamkha noise pollution)

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"I’m A Doctor. The U.S. Response To Coronavirus Has Been Nothing Short Of Criminal." - powerful piece from physician and writer @diptisbarot@twitter.com

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Look at them, they don't entertain you, they don't offer drama, no made up 'Godmanly' crap...

Pure love of saving lives, risking own but trusting science ...

Once it's all over... Strengthen them, strengthen those who create science, health care... Don't forget!

New cases today

Iran: 1,411
Israel: 371
Turkey: 293
Malaysia: 212
Thailand: 122
India: 103
Pakistan: 97
Philippines: 82
Russia: 71
Indonesia: 65

This enemy is borderless, ruthless, but needs humans to inflict damage.

Hey human, whose side are you on?

Coronavirus deaths reported:

China: 3,270 (in 10 weeks) - rapid action, lock downs, new infra... Despite being the index country!

Italy: 6,077 (in 4 weeks) - delayed, relatively lackadaisical action...
Despite knowing what's coming!

South America cases (deaths):

Brazil 1546 (25)
Ecuador 789 (14)
Chile 632 (1)
Argentina 266 (4)
Colombia 235 (2)
Peru 363 (5)
Uruguay 158
Paraguay 22 (1)
French Guiana 20
Bolivia 27
Venezuela 77
Guyana 19 (1)
Suriname 5

is everywhere!

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