crescent moon above
i sit and enjoy the night
sitting by a fire

the low rate of pay
to complete technical work
makes me hate my boss

an eight hour work day
performing meaningless tasks
punch in and tune out

spring time thunder storm
high winds cut power for days
nights by candlelight

the wild rabbit eats
the birds sing from tree to tree
dusk will soon be night

waiting for the rain
to avoid doing a chore
mow the lawn later

up before the sun
to make my rich boss richer
while he keeps me poor

an afternoon bird
searching for worms in my yard
early bird beat you

i left my hometown
in search of what i needed
i need my hometown

work for five straight days
to get only two days off
the numbers don’t work

my son likes to say
a beautiful sunny day
even when cloudy

beautiful weather
i’m trapped within concrete walls
dreaming of outside

on a nice spring day
driving with the windows down
radio turned up

two weeks into spring
weather forecast calls for snow
that’s canada eh

a summertime rain
delivers a needed break
from the summer heat

dandelion seeds
carried by a light spring breeze
to unknown places

staying awake all night
with my son who will not sleep
cherish these moments

awake the whole night
working to earn some money
make it to spend it

beautiful spring day
i lay in a darkened room
vertigo returns

middle of the night
i’m standing in the doorway
watching my son sleep

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