a message of love
or message of hate written
pens don’t get to choose

the smells of summer
wafting into my work place
tempting me to leave

the ant crawls past me
spider makes its home in mine
i’m never alone

a light in the night
a sense of security
a beacon for home

tears of frustration
the cries and screams of protest
this kid will not sleep

i look at my son
nothing else matters but him
he gives me purpose

the father can’t sleep
too busy watching his child
peacefully sleeping

child has a bad dream
sits with dad until sleepy
bad dreams can end well

a mother and child
in the kitchen together
baking memories

the rain starts falling
watch people run for shelter
waiting for clear skies

the skunks home replaced
by a home for a human
both think that this stinks

undeveloped land
waits for the city to grow
hoping that it won’t

nothing left to do
but try again tomorrow
now it’s time to sleep

sitting together
not speaking to each other
lonely together

i will keep you warm
throughout the cold and dark nights
if you’ll keep me warm

high unemployment
an employer’s advantage
under paid labour

with a mother’s love
a family’s held together
through good times and bad

beside a window
a cushioned chair big enough
for her and her child

she’s not forgotten
with miles and days between us
my dreams are of her

despicable work
tell me the good i can do
with dirty money

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