anti-authoritarianism is a commitment to never achieving anything


@kate gonna be real I've heard this argument a thousand times and it still just sounds like "but how would society if no cops" with a leftist flavor

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@dirkapitation you society with no cops by achieving a free association of producers which is only possible through the exercising of authority by the proletariat

@dirkapitation dont give me this disingenuous bullshit that equates bourgeois dictatorship with proletarian dictatorship. its seriously tiresome

@kate the latter inevitably degrades to the former. one party states are literally reformism. policing your way to no police

@kate I realize some less committed authcoms use "dictatorship" and "authority" to mean revolution itself, I think this is intellectually dishonest and ahistorical

@dirkapitation 'actually the only thing thats not liberal is letting liberals continue to hold political power'


@kate if political power and liberals are a thing postrev you have bigger problems


@dirkapitation then genuinely what the fuck are you talking about if youre not talking about the eradication of the bourgeoisie and their political system. you have a seriously bad case of roko's bolshevik. now seriously stop replying to me

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