for all the flaws of 2020 queer culture I'm very glad we're creating a society where people get to just. not settle for living as cis

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I found my old Goodreads profile from when I was 14 and thought I'd offer yall a glimpse of me at my absolute Peak Dirk

you know what we don't talk about enough

the phase immediately after admitting you are trans/nonbinary/etc, where it is extremely tempting to just go "haha yeah I have admitted it, now i can shove it down and never talk about it and just vaguely go 'yeah lol i guess im trans' or something when asked and never change or commit or do anything scary"

trans people literally face 1950s-style homophobia + GNCphobia on steroids every day of our existence

and vanishingly few "allies" seem willing to actually analyze & combat this

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it's not that butch cis dykes no longer get called predatory for having sex with women or that cis gay/bi men no longer get accused of recruiting young teenage boys

but it sure is a lot more acceptable on the "left" to lowkey or highkey accuse butch trans dykes of "autogynephilia". or to lowkey or highkey promote the theory that (especially gay/bi) trans men are causing ROGD in teenagers

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I think a lot about how queer & GNC trans people live right in the middle of the kind of homophobia and butchphobia/effemiphobia that is beginning to be considered outdated to outright express when targeted towards cis people

This is why Cersei is unfortunately accidental transmasc representation

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Even here in Denmark we have a hyperfem cishet-identified far-right ~public intellectual~ who turned out to have a backstory of "I always privately identified as a man and have gone my entire life feeling deep dysphoria and despair which is why I think no one should transition". At least find a better way to sublimate

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What is it with transmasc eggs and becoming just the worst people imaginable the longer they repress

all the bad reviews of this book are actually attacking it because they don't know what a pastiche is and don't even mention the reactionary politics. I hate it here

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this book keeps throwing around the word "radicalized" to describe, again, what's literally just fantasy desegregation & disability inclusion. I HATE IT HERE

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"haha I'm gonna make the villain of this book be a guy who looks up to Che Guevara and wants to topple the aristocracy. because WHAT IF DESEGREGATION BUT TOO MUCH"

-- the author of a book (Fangirl) that changed my life when I was 15, apparently!

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I'm so salty about Carry On by Rainbow Rowell lmao. Did this fun gay YA novel with good prose and an excellent magic system REALLY have to include a fuckin. Red Scare plot

I wish I knew enough shit abt media analysis to actually write intelligent takes on it bc like. the Monstrous Transmasculine sure is becoming a popular motif huh

acab includes the new president and all of the incoming administration

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