State governments have dropped the ball on server maintenance.

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It worked very well the last time. It's time for another one.

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Even worse,

Trump to order meat packing plants to stay open, while also offering them liability protections over their failure to protect workers' health as worker deaths rise

Every elected official who defends the corporations over the people needs to be voted OUT! And any who defend the Payday Loan Industry should be the first to go.

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If you missed our recent episode with Professor Steve Keen, you’ll want to go back and listen to it soon. In January he spoke of the inevitability of disastrous climate crises. Now here we are, a few months later: different crisis, same chaos, inescapable tragedy.

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If the Dems don't offer the American people a political candidate willing to confront the big banks, big oil, big pharma, & big weapons contractors then Trump2020 will be their fault! -- Lee Camp

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I am so sick and fn tired of the MSM letting the banks and corps off the hook on the small business bailouts.

I dont want to hear the guidelines were vague or it was legal.

It was for SMALL BUSINESSES and they knew it!

Just more immoral greed!

@stux does mstdn not accept "png" images? I have been attempting to upload one and continually receive an error. I also do not see a previous "jpeg" that I uploaded without error. Thanks

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I’m not complaining - grocery store pickup has been a lifesaver. And I tip very highly.

But I thought that I was ordering a package Brussels sprouts. I got ONE Brussels sprout.

My shopper must think I'm nuts.

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I'm going to have a very important news conference with my good friend, Gov. Ron DeSantaclaus of Florida. We're going to do something a little different. I'm gonna brag about my awesomeness, then Ron will brag about my wonderful leadership. Afterwards, I'll use media questions as a springboard to insulting everyone who disagrees with me.

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@stux :) That's very good to hear. Thank you for your reply. I will be sharing the word about the There are many people who, like me, need a place where they can share and be heard without their information being surveyed, hacked, stolen, etc. Best to you!

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