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Maybe working on some personal projects works better when you organise them more properly.
Thank god I still had a Notion account floating around so I can use their fancy ticketing template

It's such a shame that Gnome Web/Epiphany feels so clunky. It would be a pretty cool alternative to the current landscape of browsers, even though it's still WebKit based

As it turns out, the tablet I bought for uni stuff is much more suitable for watching anime or reading mangas and books

I finally made the switch to Linux as my daily driver on desktop. Let's see how long it lasts

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Ridley Scott continuing the Alien franchise should’ve been stopped after Prometheus. With Covenant he only did more damage

Watching Alien Covenant like the big dumb dumb that I am

Finally catching up on Wes Anderson’s filmography

The answer probably is management and stakeholders

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Why is it that some free clients for a niche social network have more useful features than those made by big companies?

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// Valid JavaScript from the year 2020 BC:

𓇎]+𓂀[𓏢]+𓊝+𓆣+'`𓅂 𓏢 𓂀 𓁄 𓆣 𓊝 𓇎`')``


When will they implement a bug report tool for the bug feedback?

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