I just got back from animation was top notch as with all the recent Dragon Ball movies!

Our education system is broken as hell, school isn't for learning, it's a system to memorize quickly and forget quicker.

"The best movie ever made" is a bit of a stretch💀

So I will be at kolkata for 2 days with cypherden, can't believe its happening.

I hate people when they say carryminati is the best youtuber. He is clearly theworst youtuber whose videos arent even funny, he just puts swear words in his videos and people laugh like wtf.

I fucking hate marriages, I was about to complete my animation video and marriage invitation came.

As someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder I am glad that marvel talked about what DID is and the trauma those little kids go through.

I literally spent an entire day partying. I am becoming a boomer.

Dear Disney

please stop milking Obi Wan for fuck sake!!!

In childhood when I used to play "GTA Vice City " my favourite cheat code was "Leave Me Alone" seems after all this years its still activated.

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