According to, we've surpassed 700K verified publishers., which has always had more conservative numbers, has us at 671K. I am so impressed with the growth of this ecosystem, day over day. What an impact we are all making

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Theoretically, every rainbow is a complete circle. However, from the ground you can usually see only its upper half, but if you are on an airplane or on the roof of a tall building, there is a chance to shoot the entire circumference.

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Military pilot Valentin Pivalov on a MiG-17 airplane made a flight under the central passage of the Oktyabrsky bridge across the Ob River.

June 14, 1965

The first person in space, Yuri Gagarin, statue in Moscow

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'We want to be with you, I took my helmet off & laid the batons down' | County sheriff in joins march against police brutality

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I think it's about time I prepare the next limited-edition Brave/BAT coin giveaway. Who agrees? Слегка улыбающееся лицо Only 100 of these exist.

In the past I chose winners randomly, based on those who retweeted a Tweet. Should I do that again, or are there more clever ideas?

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