A NASA spokesman said that the release of the findings was coordinated with the Indian space agency. But the spokesman said ISRO did not share with NASA the coordinates of where it thought Vikram had ended up.

“It wasn’t a hard landing. It was a crash.”

“The debris is spread out over a wide area,” Dr. Robinson said.
While Indian authorities had initially suggested that the spacecraft could still be operational after a harder-than-designed landing, the images showed Vikram had disintegrated.

Did ISRO pretend to attempt a soft-landing of the Vikram Lander? Seems like the Lander basically crashed on the Moon and smeared a wide area with debris. Clearly there was no chance of communication, then why did they claim for days they were trying to raise the Lander?

I have a bad feeling about this
Hello there
I hate sand
You broke my heart
I have the high ground
You're my only hope
Someone has to save our skins
Good shot kid
You want the impossible
There is no try
Never tell me the odds
I know
It's a trap
Tell your sister you were right

this account is now a duct taped banana stan account

No sir I did not mean what I said, I meant exactly the opposite.

Always fun when someone takes a tweet that is meant as sarcastic critique either literally or out of context and retweets it blindly.

Going to focus only on the positives in life from now on. Which means nothing about India, Indian culture, Indian languages, Indian people.

My head hurts from all the dumb takes. Indians are morons. Indian culture is structured imbecility.

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