Wonder who is the prolific gal or guy who makes all those pseudo medical whatsapp forwards signed "Dr . Dhananjay Kelkar from Dinanath हॉस्पिटल" or some such... 😂 🙏

Modi regime coming on very strong with counter propaganda now that second wave in big cities has abated somewhat. This is why I have no hope for this country. This regime is hard core thuggish...they won't go until they burn this country to the ground.

Fact that govt is harping on how deaths per million are low in India compared to other countries...you can almost guess now how this will end.

Only thing that explains central govt's current lack of vaccination policy is that Modiji once had a nightmare that the ghost of Nehru himself was trying to jab a vaccine dose with a syringe they use for horses into his butt, and he has been scared of vaccines ever since.

Modiji personally chowkidaring PM Cares Funds and International Aid sent to India for covid.

धनंजय माने was the original पूनावाला

Indian economy is being reset to pre-2000 days. A lot of wealth is going up in smoke or being concentrated among the top 0.1%. If by middle class we mean top 0.1%, then possible.

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Reality I predict: gated community oxygen concentrator walas will have to downgrade themselves to government hospitals. And government hospital walas will have to downgrade themselves to jadibutiwaale babas.

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Some people saying that we will have housing societies with captive hospitals and ICU beds. First you prove your unspoken assumption that Indian middle class will continue to have enough income to afford gated housing societies of the sort that came up in the last 15 years.

People who died from Covid in India, especially in the 2nd wave, should not be forgotten, they should be remembered and Modi should be remembered as their murderer in chief.

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