Heartfelt apologies to Palghar and Spirit of Palghar 🙏🙏🙏

*in my deep, smooth bass voice*
This song...
is dedicated...
to Donald...John...Trump.
Take it away.

This Indian team has punched above its weight unless of course Indian team before this has been punching below its weight. @TweetsOfBhogle@twitter.com

Harsha: Many of these boys have been getting on local trains and so they're inherently tougher.

Thinking about : corrupt Babu's don't stop at selling their services to just one party. There isn't only one state backed propaganda channel in India that claims high ratings. What about chats with people from other such channels?

Give me all of Armabs greatest hits from his chats guys. I promise to amplify. Guy deserves nothing less. The nation wants to know.

Rohit Sharma looks so good at the crease, absolutely born to bat. At least until one or two balls before lunch that is.

Arnab Goswami WhatsApp chats leak and the very same day Nidhi Razdan phishing story also breaks. Coincidence?

Have you ever had the opposite of the Nidhi incident happen to you at job, school, college or university? As in: someone told you something and you refused to believe it was real and it turned out to be true?

We should make all bowlers commute from Palghar to Dadar to build character.

India should add canned applause for visiting teams. Silence for visitors is always embarrassing.

..scroll down the timeline looking for that tweet they saw which was really interesting but suddenly got lost.

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