Indian Antifa is also known as Price of Onion per kilo.

माझ्या सर्व माता भगिनींना आणि मर्द followers ना goodnight

एक लक्षात ठेवा...माझं हिंदुत्व हे तुमच्या हिंदुत्वासारखं लेचेपेचे नाहिये...माझ्या हिंदुत्वामध्ये मर्ढेकर ही आहेत आणि कर्ट कोबेन देखील आहेत... बहिणाबाई चौधरी आहेत आणि होय लेडी गागा देखील गाताहेत...आताच व्हेज बिर्याणी खाऊन आलो... तो देखील शिवरायांनी सांगितलेला हिंदू धर्मच...

["You'll be always on my mind" begins to play...]

आई: हा कोण आहे?
मी: Elvis Presley
आई: अच्छा, म्हणजे कोण?
मी: Elvis म्हणजे अमेरिकेचा अरुण दाते
आई: अच्छा, कळलं. 👍

Really concerned about human-watermelon covid transmission. You mean we can't have watermelons now?

Hello I am a Canadian Creative with interests in and ( and ). I am currently looking to diversify my social presence for various reasons. I go by the same name handle on BTW

...Wherever there are figures or tables, record a descriptive summary of the figure or data, as if explaining to a blind person. This, even though pretty mechanical, is surprisingly effective in understanding.

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Trying out a rigorous new method of reading difficult technical books:
1. Record yourself reading the book.
2. Read the book dramatically as if you're making an audiobook.
3. Listen to your own recording later and take notes.
Helping me to not sleep after the first 2 pages.

Ever wanted to learn about investing in stocks online from a Jedi Master?

Hundreds of thousands of years of symbiotic evolution led to this moment.

This is why this country is screwed...if you're a professional keep your exit plan ready.

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Aarey is surrounded by multiple high end real estate projects such as those by Lodha and Oberoi Group. No prizes for guessing who they are close to.

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The angle of grid failure one day after metro car shed was moved from Aarey needs to be uhhh considered seriously. Is Modi and Gujju business lobby meting out collective punishment to Mumbai?

The only edible dish in "British Cuisine"...Shepherd's Pie...Buggers got so sick of their own tasteless food they conquered three quarters of the world

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