If you want your feel good streams today, give this man a follow. Not kidding - it will be the best thing you do all day


Thanks for hanging out for some Death Stranding tonight - glad I did it. Special thx to @.abryanconrad for bringing his people by - extremely humbled.

Sent the love on over to the lovely @.jbrucifer
doing some Skater XL twitch.tv/jbrucifer

ALRIGHT we'll be live in about 30 min!! Road's built so time to do that USPS gameplay!!



No, fuck it. We'll stream a bit, if even for just a little while. Send the official notice out in a bit twitter.com/DeadpoetixTwits/st

It's too early to call yet, but debating cancelling the remaining streams this week and coming back to it on Sunday. Just that time of year....

Oof ... Hadn't had that Twitch imposter syndrome feeling in a LONG time.

Really hit hard today - like if I'm doing the right things? Am i wasting my time? My audiences' time? What is my goal, or do I have one? Am I having fun or just playing a part?

Last night was crazy AND gave me food for thought.

Today we're through with the personal bullshit for a while, and today is week break from streaming. Got a workout in already.... Might run. Idk

Still got the latter half of the day left. Work. Etc.

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Thanks so much for everyone hanging out with Death Stranding tonight - FINISHED THE ROAD.

Thanks to @.Ruglabok for bringing your community by - very stoked to meet them!

Sent the love on over to @.Amselina05 playing some Resident Evil Village twitch.tv/momnoms

Tonight may be a little low key since it's been a long day, but we're gonna AT LEAST finish the LAST ROAD SEGMENT

TONIGHT at 6:30 pm central

(obligatory screw you Higgs lol)

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