Today's #AndroidAppRain has no new apps for you unfortunately – but 42 updated at @fdroidorg and 8 updated in mine. As we just celebrate the #Fediverse, one of the updates in my repo was insporation*, a client for Diaspora where my updater missed updates for almost a year due to the tag name not changing (always named "nightly"😱) #fdroid had an update for Lemuroid, a #Lemmy client, and NewPipe, the famous YT client which also supports #PeerTube.

So today, enjoy the updated #foss & #free apps with #fdroid 😃

Haha, LOL, I just notice this could be misunderstood as a joke:

"How many apps were updated today at F-Droid?"

"42…" 🙈

No, it really were 42 apps 🤣


Well, it IS the answer to everything, after all.

@daver Indeed! I remember some 25y ago my printer stopped working, and a friend brought me a new ISA card with an LPD port, and my printer started working again. I asked what I owed him, and you already guess the answer: "42 Mark". I fell from my chair ROFLing, and he didn't get the joke 🤣 I found that amazing: a guy in IT who didn't know the guide…

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