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One could get lost in analysis regarding , and their leaked + likely to become the majority opinion on . The key takeaways are:

1. is illegitimate - results of the senate's refulsal to entertain Garland's nomination, and rush to confirm Barrett, combined with a total disregard for precedent.

2. will say that should be decided by legislatures, but that's a lie. they have, and will continue to shamelessly restrict abortion rights passed by states.

3. the combination of the illegitimacy, and intellectual dishonesty of will have real consequences, but i have no idea how to predict them.

4. people seeking to end pregnancies will suffer - their autonomy revoked by zealotry. (nb: not "the religious." not all religions are opposed to rights.)

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@danorrmite I agree with you about the points you shared.

The USA is facing a concerted effort on behalf of facists (in the form of the Republican party) to destroy the Constitution. They are in a despicable rush for power at all costs, including principles all Americans once held dear.

As for so-called Christians, their worldview has grown so distorted that it tolerates deadly sins in those who claim to be in their ranks, and intolerant of venial sins in their opponents.

We may as well adopt Lucretius' perspective on religion, or Bertrand Russell's. That is, that it is a disease born of fear and is a source of untold misery to the human race.


re: cw #reproductiverights #abortion #scotus 

@mguhlin jews and buddhists are, according to pew's polls, more supportive of abortion rights than the religiously unafilliated.

it is an element of christian supremacy, even if one rejects contemporary christian theocracy, to paint all religions, especially minority religions, with a broad brush.

theocratic anti-abortion activists have, for years, utilized antisemitic stereotypes, and traditional libels to both further their cause + express antisemitism. it isn't a problem with 'religion' per se, but, rather, a problem of some religions.

re: cw #reproductiverights #abortion #scotus 

@danorrmite Ah, I see the distinction you are making. For me, religion for the purposes of abortion discussion, is limited to those that have been radicalized to commit violence. Thanks for sharing that link. Pew does great work.

@danorrmite Dems should begin impeachment proceedings against Thomas and Kavanaugh immediately. They won't but I wish they would.

@deegee they'd lose. we'd need a data-driven political scientist to tell us whether the spectacle would be worthwhile in elections.

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