re the insincerity of the Vatican's apology for the Holocaust, and just-revealed archives desribing Pius XII's negotiations with Hitler 

tldr the artice -

The pope did not once raise or object to the nazi projects to exterminate the jews, and the roma. He was merely interested in protecting the Church's interests.

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re the insincerity of the Vatican's apology for the Holocaust, and just-revealed archives desribing Pius XII's negotiations with Hitler 

David Kurtzer's article on the negotations between Pius XII, and the Nazis is daming for the Church. The fact that John Paul II was pushing sainthood for Pius XII while issuing the apology for the Holocaust means those who questioned the sincerity of that apology were simply correct. It was insincere.

Read it for yourself. It is shockingly understated.

#fanart #percyjackson 

My 12 year old's Percy Jackson fan art - marker on poster. They make me such a proud papa!

re: #judaism #guns #murder #uvalde 

Thinking that G_d will intervene in the United State's sacrifice of people to guns directly is to misunderstand the fable of Abraham, and Isaac. Rather, doing as Abraham did - going along almost to the point of murdering his son - is the best we can do. We can realize in a moment of terror that what we thought was wanted by what we worship ("freedom") is worthless, and changing. I say it is the best we can do, because we must all live with the trauma we have caused each other.

Really that simplifies things. Because there probaby is no 'we'. And so, we are faced with an analogous problem faced by the (I understand this all as allegorical - not historical) Hebrews in Canaan - what to do in a country where people practice or accept human sacrifice when we know G_d forbids it. And then in a context where the constitution protects the rights of those who worship guns over those who hate murder in the name of idol-worship.

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#judaism #guns #murder #uvalde 

the story of Abraham's near sacrifice of isaac can be understood in many ways. I tend to think of G_d's role in this as revealing, and forcing the Hebrews to fundamentally change their understanding of what G_d wanted from them, and also about what is right. (Little sense thinking these are different - at least for the purpose of understanding of the story. Theologically, I understand G_d's role as being partially identical with that changing understanding.)

These mass shootings are like that. The brokenness of the Constitution + the fascists who interpret it would sacrifice innocents like Abraham would have. Only people who are murdered, and their loved ones pay the full price. The ones who don't die to gun violence, even if they are never directly threatened, are like Isaac, traumatized by knowing that are those who would "sacrifice" them - make them pay the price for what adults think is best - their "freedom" or whatever "good" they worship.

I'd trade 6 supreme court justices for 18 kids. Fuck those judges.

My kids have a pretty sick collection of books, especially graphic novels.

re white supremacist terrorism 

Been super busy, or in the woods - not much social media posting. Some thoughts...

I am unsurprised about what happened in Buffalo. I feel desensitized, and hopeless. It feels like the problems are so multiple so that they must escape detection (lone wolf terrorists already armed, already radicalized), or are so large to be insoluble (the utterly broken US constitution & illegitimate Supreme Court). We're fucked, and the more marginalized a person is, the more fucked.

The 2015 Charleston Church shooting was the last one that brought tears to my eyes. Parkland + Tree of Life followed, echoing Newtown & Charleston. Buffalo echoes the Kentucky Kroger shooting (who also tried to break into a black church beforehand).

Now these white supremacist terrorist attacks feel more like gut punches now than tragedies. They are meant to wear us down, and I guess knowing that helps with conjuring some defiance.

#cincodemayo #rockenespañol 

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all those who celebrate!

Here's Cafe Tacuba doing Flores live. Fitting?

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One thing that I will never understand is why homes have capsula coffee machines. A french press takes marginally more effort, and one doesn't need a specialized appliance taking up counter space. Is it the measuring?

I guess I can understand that. But it takes maybe 5-6 days to figure out the proper proportions, even if one's way of getting there is ... not standard.

And old coffee in capsules tastes like old coffee in capsules. Sure, it's better than star$ucks, but what isn't?

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If you're into 90's rock, but you want something new, check out Bachelor's Doomin' Sun.

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One general thing one can say about the influence of Jewish culture and Judaism on Jews is that loyalty to laws, and institutions are encouraged, while loyalty to individual people, or symbols is discouraged. Both Vindman, and Zelenskyy seem to fit this mold.

One of the more impressive things about Zelenskyy has been that he seems to lead while discounting the cult of personality that some many, understandably, set around him. He's resisted that bait.

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#antisemitism #antijudaism 

There are a lot of complexities that surround the blowup between some Israeli politicians, and Putin's mouthpieces. Some guidance:

1. Do not focus on the fact that certain Israeli politicians are being reported as saying things. Israeli politicians say have no special staus as Jews, or as victims of antisemitism. Jews do, whether a Jew is Israeli or not. In this case M/E conflict is irrelevant.

2. It is a trope of antisemitism that Jews are inherently - either culturally or genetically - disloyal, even to Jews. This is the trope Lavrov employs against Zelenskyy. It is absurd, and insofar it is effective it is only because of a long history of Russian antisemitism. Zelenskyy, whatever else one can say about him, has courage, creditibilty, and restraint. He both cares about Jews, and he is loyal to his country.

3. Watch for parallels between how Russians are trying to portray Zelenskyy, and how Republicans portrayed Col. Vindman during impeachment.

Trying to learn the mores/customs in the . This is a genial place, I like that, and if I slip up out of ignorance or out of a lack of consideration, and you have a mind to tell me, please do.

cw #reproductiverights #abortion #scotus 

One could get lost in analysis regarding , and their leaked + likely to become the majority opinion on . The key takeaways are:

1. is illegitimate - results of the senate's refulsal to entertain Garland's nomination, and rush to confirm Barrett, combined with a total disregard for precedent.

2. will say that should be decided by legislatures, but that's a lie. they have, and will continue to shamelessly restrict abortion rights passed by states.

3. the combination of the illegitimacy, and intellectual dishonesty of will have real consequences, but i have no idea how to predict them.

4. people seeking to end pregnancies will suffer - their autonomy revoked by zealotry. (nb: not "the religious." not all religions are opposed to rights.)

going .. on a beach.. in a may that feels like march.. with no fires allowed due to dry conditions, and wind.. i should have planned for hot toddies!

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