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Swipe is not my friend (walking now exacerbating issue).

9"11 law compliant, I'm surprised."

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They coming with the "Stop" Law the, and if they didn't I might have to resort to the FCC.

(Falls over laughing...I tried to keep a straight face..)

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Motherfuckers... it is Literally illegal to text me without a subscription (opt in). The Fuck does Trump think?

Yes, I have the Buckaroo Banzai theme song on my phone, what of it?

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Saw a couple of flightless birds carrying a red gemstone on their backs. I'll never understand Ruby on Rails.

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I've awakened!

What god awful bullshit will we endure today?

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Some day I will remember to save all affected files before running a process.

That day is not today.

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Don't take criticism from people you'd never go to for advice.

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Everyone before: Man I wonder what historic events we’ll experience in our lifetime

Everyone now: god damn it i meant space travel or something

It's SysAdmin Day!

Now, where is my booze and weed?

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At least in the Hunger Games dystopia, the rich depraved people looked cool. In our dystopia, the most they ever do is get hair plugs.

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70'S DANCE TRACK: Nobody but old people will listen to it.

70'S DANCE TRACK WITH DRUM MACHINE AND NEW VOCALS: Young people think it's hip and it becomes a hit song.

*Smacks Lips*... that was a salty sandwich. Damn that was good.

If you own one of these 45 Netgear devices, replace it: Gear maker won't patch vulnerable gear despite live proof-of-concept code • The Register

Right, and if you're running Stock Netgear firmware...bwahahahahaha (at least it's not Belkin shit).

For all that is sane and reasonable, please start here and fix your router.


If I wanted to hang out in 90°F I'd move back to fucking Los Angeles. But noooooo, I'm almost to frigging Canada (bless their hearts) and Still melting.

(I wanted some whine with my bread and cheese.)

*brain cramp* / *random thought*

I'll quit nicotine after thirty years of addiction if the east coast gives up it's addiction of building weapons (largely on the west coast *cough cough*) for monies.

The IRS web site is such a laughable bag of dicks.
We could have built better in 98 drunk and stoned. OURS oould be functional and accomlish tasks...

What fuckwit thinks this is Usable?

I will no longer pay taxes when I can do something better for free.

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