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Data data data. I cannot make bricks without clay.

Body is rebelling:

Me: I'm hungry.
Body: You have eaten rich, greasy food for two days, you will get a salad.
Me: Tacos in Redmond.
Body: Salad.
Me: Burrito in Fremont.
Body: You will have a salad with a light dressing. A veggie Subway is marginally acceptable.
Me: Or...
Me: Subway veggie sounds Great!

Wanted to upload but my video is 55MB and the upload limit is 40MB.


Hey @stux ... How does media uploads exactly work for you?

I mean to ask; you're spinning rust for us, right?

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Wow. Watching fire dancer on lake union.

Look, I've been to Burning Man a time or so. Might know a few dancers...

This guy's style is super unique. Damn he's good.

One would think a Digital Document Signing company would have their TLS Cert up to date but noooooo.

If I'd fucked that up, I'd get my head ripped off and probably fired. (I manage something like 80 certs for my clients, failing is NOT an option).

It is not cool to fly over me with a big assed helicopter (Pave Hawk in this case) and have me on the ground..

Big fucking parking lot Right There...

Pick me the hell up.

— 'Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.'

Drum Battle with Buddy Rich on Muppet Show - YouTube 

Drum Battle with Buddy Rich on Muppet Show - YouTube

Because you need Animal today.

Kodo Drummers Play Drums with Blue Man Group | Tribal Rhythms - Percussive Drums - YouTube 

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So there’s this teenage girl who made a tiktok where she expresses some confusion about maths while putting on her makeup. Of course, some ass posted this on Twitter to make fun of her for it.

But the thing is, her questions about maths are really quite interesting. So she now has messages from like, half of science twitter (including a few profs in maths and physics) basically saying “actually, yeah, these are good questions and you should definitely keep asking them”.

Made me smile.

Juno Reactor Live "Our World" 2020 Mix - Psy trance electronica - YouTube

Ok, my bad. Gotta actually leave Seattle and go home


@tk ...
I want a Seattle Dog from Pioneer Square.

The bassist is Nathan Ready and he Rocks.
(His smile is infectiou)

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