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Damned Lies
Seattle Weather Report

Netflix is begging me to return. Had my account 18 days and decided media still annoys me.

It's Totally child abuse.

It's time to take children away from the GOP.

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Autocorrupt changed 'sales' to 'sadness' and it isn't wrong.

Actually got some work done today ... w00t.

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Danny Devito, wearing a floofy white wig, says that farts and homophobia are bullshit. He then proclaims that he loves unicode.

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I ate a lot of cheese tonight, so if I die, just know, it was worth it.

This Parrot Dancing To Ringtones Is What We All Need Today | Crooks and Liars 

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Archie McPhee's has:

* Basic Rubber Chicken
* Deluxe Rubber Chicken
* Glow in the Dark Rubber Chicken
* Rubber Chickens Big and Small.

@stux Oooo... is this "show thread" thing new?

The possibility exists that I rarely use the web UI and just noticed.

YouTube 80s video to scrape it out.

(Worth it just for Pen and Teller in Adidas)

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The Seventy Maxims of a Maximally Effective Mercenary

(Sun Tzu's "Art of War" is mandatory in an MBA program... this should be too.)

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X 2000 - Wikipedia

Wish it trains in the US were cool like this one.

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> Yes, please do correctly identify a murderer. But please do so by developing better forensics - not by putting everyone under surveillance 24/7 preemptively.
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Programmers PSA - Learn to justify your effort

You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!


* The issue was reported with a vague description of how to recreate it.
* The reported issue was related to functionality, I'm not familiar with. 
* I took the time to investigate the real cause of the issue, not just looking at the symptoms. 
* I investigated if there were other ways of getting to the same problem, not just the reported reproduction steps.
* I took the time to verify if there were other parts of the code that might be affected in similar ways.
* When I found the cause of the issue, I looked to find the simplest way of fixing it that would have minimal risk of introducing side-effects.
* I tested the change thoroughly and verified that it addressed the problem for all the different code paths that were affected.

#programming #management

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‪The microSD card pictured has 766,958× the capacity of the dual disk drive with floppy diskettes in both drives‬

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