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George Takei on Twitter: "A lot of gay guys aren’t wearing masks out in NYC. This is very bad, but maybe we can also flip this around. Hey MAGA dudes! If you don’t wear a mask, people might think you’re gay! I know. Brilliant, right?" / Twitter

I feel bad cross posting from Hell Site... but... George Takei cracks me up.

The secretive government agency planting 'cyanide bombs' across the US | Environment | The Guardian

This is fucking disturbing.
Suppose I'll learn to disarm one.

1. Amazed I've never found one, add much as I hike and all.
2. Glad I know Now so if I find one out can be mitigated.
3. Know who's ass to kick of I did find one.

Now let's see how this thing works, and confess safely apart.

Microsoft is closing all of its stores - CNN ... "Experience Centers"?
LOLOLOL, *shakes head/grins* Fucking Microsoft marketing teams.

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By law EULAs etc. in software should always take the appearance of an old vellum scroll set in Blackletter and the signature that you put under it should be a blood-effect handscript.

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A decade ago, my buddy called me to help accelerate a startup in Hollywood. Was tasked with hiring three developers, but had to read almost 550 resumes.

According to my buddy, about an hour into this, I got up, calmly walked to the break room, got the bottle of tequila out of the cabinet [and grabbed a few string cheese], walked back to my [very much not] desk.

At the end, I'd found five candidates, killed the bottle of tequila on the roof, and was blasting this song across Hollywood Blvd.

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Every time I've got to deal with Resumes [CVs, whatever], and especially freaking with Reecruiters...I end up humming Headhunter by Front 242.

Here's the video

And here's the story [Human Resources] behind it.

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I heard 'Seattle Dog' walking around the lake.


The best place is this cart in Pioneer Square in front of a Greek falafel place [so you get Seattle Dog, and go in and get fries].


Nice band playing at Gasworks Park, Lake Union [] for anyone who wants a Sanity Break.

Straight Mobbed by a Bernese puppy [6mos]... there is much slobber.

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#BOFH excuse #195:

We only support a 28000 bps connection.

Strangest thing... Google Maps keeps telling me I should visit Bruce and Brandon Lee's have sites.

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Oh, crap, 120ml of vape juice. Crap.
Deal with that tomorrow.

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I'm too tired and bored to be angry.

Oh/.. my BT Keyboard I'm bitchily going to trust but I needed a stack of them anyway.

Rather than be bent, I hope interlocutor [row... Auto got that right] enjoys the tea.

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So I fucked up/.. had my bag next to me and fell asleep on the bus from Seattle. Some fuck stole my bag.

They get:
* An ancient Eddie Bauer Kumar Jack [falling apart... Loved that bag/
* A 1.5l nalgine [purple]
* 2.2A charger.
* USB C cable [1m]
* Micro USB [2m]
*And my cheap sunglasses.

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