@doctorwhom *Spits Tea*

Cliff invented a Startup that failed spectacularly. It was called Right Round. Was supposed to be for indie artists.

Was in a meeting where they asked *me*: Camel our American Spirit tobacco as advertisers... it was doomed.

@doctorwhom Face hurts. Damnit, nifty hook. [spits]

Tea is gonna hurt.

@doctorwhom Don't brawl with Russians. I literally learned this in our day in SF.

[Wiggles tooth, spits blood]

Got a new apartment if I need it> oddly zero vodka involved.

Nobody split my lip in decades... love this guy.

He wants me to move in. Considering it.

Fucking Ukràne

@doctorwhom I'll fly just under.

Peter Pan is Elf.

Trust me

@doctorwhom Ow. Christopher Ganesh Isis Buffah and Frog, ouch.

Helped Julie and Daughter Unit™ move to (an awesome) new place. Stairs were involved.


Gently remind me I'm Not in my twenties anymore.

(I'll rage against the concept but you've dealt with my delusions before...)

Fucking knees... damnit.

Sneaky underhanded bastard... nothing but love and respect *spit more blood*

Excellent hit. Hell be wobbling because I crushed his achilles tendon.

we'll be having beers tomorrow.

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Sputs Blood.

Good hit.

He'll be dealing with his knee tomorrow, but my face hurts now. Meh.

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Fucking [spits blood] that Hurt Remind me altruism and caring doesn't necessarily mean walking into flurry of fists to wear done fucker down to deal with depression.


Awful tactic.

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Don't fisticuffs with a Ukrainian bent on self destruction.
It is really reallyb painful.

@souvlaki You should beat your meat with a woody, not metal. Just saying.

I'll, just set that there.

There is a trend with the ladies in my life: my love, some lesbians, couple of fringe gals...

I'm simply going to have to accept that im not going to get the last word on whatever narritive.

Doesn't seem to matter.


My neighbor is a Slab and was in a shit mood, :

Fuuuuvk. Just got into a brawl with a Ukrainian Microsoftie that feels under appreciated. I don't spar, neither does he [bless his heart].

Tongue lip . yep that's going to hurt in the morning damned good hit. [spits blood]. Yep, awesome hit. Damn

@drwho Neither do I, And I require mobility to do my work so others can have mobility. Cats 33

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