Orinoids Shower peaks tonight and Also we're getting 'rained on' by shit from Halley's Comet.

Much of the Greater sky is clear.

20 or so meteorites per minute.

Celebrated pilot Capt. Sully urges further updates to Boeing’s 737 MAX | The Seattle Times

CAPTAIN SULLY!!! Captain Sully is the Absolute Shit. We listen to Captain Sully.

Betoko - Raining Again (Original Mix) 

I really like the PNY [].

There's no fucking about with seasons... there is a clearly defined delineation of seasons. Yesterday [last week on Monday, actually, then smoke shit for a week] and today PAF, Autumn.

Nice band playing at Gasworks Park, Lake Union [] for anyone who wants a Sanity Break.

Off to . Bored.

I'm going to jump off the bus at Green Lake, east to Wallingford, through and back under it, West, cut through the "U", head to Fremont, and shoot down the west side of Lake Union to downtown, where I'll grab the bus back to the 'East Side'.

Imagine that'll be a good walk.

"Jesus Christ Built Under Protest"

Right... the blocks off.

There are Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and the Weather Report.

Young man I mentor called me night before last asking if I was interested in 'Doing Something' [usually means walking great distances].

He talked me into the I-90 trail from Bellevue to [and back].

So, that's off my Bucket List. Don't ever feel the need to walk I-90 across Lake Washington, or across Mercer Island, ever again but had fun, it was a nice day, and not sore today [after 20+ miles].

Sooo East Side is closing seating at Starbucks tomorrow. Some stores are stuffing away their chairs and the like today but tomorrow both inside and outside seating are Kaput. I imaging Seattle (proper) is doing the same thing.

There goes my damned "office".

In non-Pandemic news: There is a good, old Chocolate Lab outside this cafe that very clearly doesn't like skateboarders.

Seattle Selfie Museum - Seattle's First Instagram Art Pop-up

Of Course. Because,

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