I want this, or similar...

44' of Catamaran and this girl is so very sexy. Is curl up and just sit still OR bolt up and down the coast. Options good.

[Fuck I want a home like this/]


No. Absolutely the fuck not.

So I'm talking with a facilities guard, I've waxed silly about him before: Robert Daniels [IMDB] [my security guard is a Romulan, a Yellow Shirt, and a Red Shirt THAT SURVIVED, and helped build the Bat'lith for Michael Dorn]

He informed me that Nick Cave was considered for Superman...

No. I mean No. Hell No.

I look at Mike and ask: "May I please keep the Funky pants and Bandanna? And may I also have a shitload of potatoes and sausage with a few Irish Coffees before I call $BetterHalf?

The Deal was Approved. And we all staggered back into the 80s.

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Lockheed designed this "Cyber Kill Chain" graphic that is actually quite good.

I would have named it perhaps "Digital Attack Assimilation" in part because Cyber makes me want to throw up and the rest is sensationalistic Sales but hey...

(Even a stopped clock is right twice/day)

Dress your the fucked up Cyberpunk dystopia you live in, not the hoverboard future you were promised

*Roaring Laughter*
(Going through shit from my old Twitter account, tripped over this gem.)

I vaguely recall attending this university for a brief period.

Awwww man, now there's two of them and they'll start breeding.

Ok, flying a kite from a one-hundred foot Super Yacht is pretty damned funny.

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