If you're a Seattle protestor and you bust up local shops, you're a fucking asshole. [Especially the weed store, I mean, really.]

If you're a Federal Agent here, you're in violation of so many laws I've lost count. Go Home.

@daelf Elf, please
tell me the laws the Fed Agents are
violating, I’ll wait....

@Beemer4Trump Fourth Amendment.
Now that you're done waiting, you can look them up.

@Beemer4Trump An unmarked person attempts to take a citizen into custody without actual probable cause our identification, that's kidnapping and it's a felony [and this is a stand your ground state].

Unmarked personage touches a citizen that's assault... if they're armed it's aggravated.

I can do this all day.

The Feds are fucking up in Seattle and Portland and making a bad situation worse.

@Beemer4Trump Then there's superceding State rights. See, our governor wasn't informed of a deployment of military and federal assets. Yeah, that's also not legal. The feds are backpedaling on that one right now, just across the lake where I'm sitting... in court.

The overreach is considerable, and people are pissed off.

@daelf As I was
taught by my Dad, you cannot
reason with an unreasonable
person or bot. The Federal
Government has a Constitutional
authority to protect Federal
property, i.e., property that is
paid for by taxpayers. You would
not know this, of course, and
even if you did......well, I’ll leave
it there. Bye bye Bot!

@Beemer4Trump They're not protecting Federal Property, they're wandering the streets, so, more with the overreach.

I pay a LOT in taxes, I'm into protecting the things I've paid for, for my fellow citizens. They're not doing that.

This is political... trying to put liberals in 'their place'. up Which is just going to backfire]. It has the added benefit of attempting to chill First Amendment speech.

For the record, I'm more sick of the property damage to small businesses.

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