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Happily, having been there a year and a half now, I’m familiar with our product, and documenting new features isn’t as big a deal to me. Added to that I’ve actually shipped an app now using our product and I have a much better understanding of and comfort with it. So I don’t even worry about the SDK product owner anymore. The last few feature launches, he has thrown curveballs that I’ve already been on top of. No more Eye of Sauron from him.

So it’s really just Irrational Misundertanding Guy.

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There are two people in the company I live in fear of: him, and the SDK product owner. Him because it always turns into a big deal trying to de-escalate what is usually not really an issue. And the SDK product owner because he seems most comfortable with Swift/iOS sample apps, so when he wants to demonstrate some new feature, it’s always based on my documentation or example code.

It’s like the Eye of Sauron gazes directly at me a few times per year and it’s a flurry of stress and activity.

I actually booted my work laptop yesterday to try to answer his question and be helpful. It turned into a thread about why we don’t document how to use our product with new APIs from WWDC that are still in beta. I gave up and wandered off because it’s the weekend, darnit.

I smell incoming Jira tickets this week…

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Darnit. There is a technical support engineer at work who occasionally pokes into our product documentation and then raises issues like they are a Big Deal when they typically come down to him not understanding something. Occasionally we make updates based on his feedback, but usually they just devolve into long conversations where we try to bridge his understanding gap.

He’s started working on an iOS 16 app which means he is now poking into my documentation. 3 questions so far this weekend

Here's an entry for "Tell me you have pets without telling me you have pets..."

Got a new (black) shirt from work. Threw it into the laundry before wearing it. It came out covered in hair/fur!

C'mon, man, gimme a break, I haven't even worn it yet...

Dear All The Companies Who Want My Money:

I want my money, too. And I have never made buying decisions based on your email marketing. Kindly stop shouting in my inbox.


Meanwhile, hubby is browsing the Uline catalog. (For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a massive business/warehouse/industrial supply catalog. Think shelves and cleaning supplies and utility carts and all kinds of random stuff.)

Here are a few excerpts from his browsing:
“Ooo! A giant thing of tin-foil!”
“Oh look, stickers!”
“Huh, they’ve got these strap things to hold down mail. ‘USPS Approved.’”
“Hey, we could get…”

The Uline catalog is inexplicably his happy place. But no, we cannot get…

Eep! Did some tractoring IRL (lawnmowing) and forgot something I never have to worry about in Farming Simulator 22… to apply sunscreen.


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Why, yes, I could start my day without coffee.
But I like being able to remember things like how to say words and put on pants.
– Nanea Hoffman

#coffeequotes #coffeequote #quoteoftheday #cafexquote

Blarg. I am trying to fix some tests that only fail intermittently in CI and it’s frustrating because the CI takes SO LONG to build. But not so long that I can really wander off and do something else without doing a lot of context switching. 😞

One of my favorite things I learned at was that I could skip failing tests by editing my test scheme, rather than commenting them out. Xcode can do a lot of stuff I don’t know about, even after taking online courses in it. Did this in the first PR I made yesterday after coming back to work. Huzzah for learning! @wwdc

Based on the aggressive uptick in emails from bird site about “notifications” - including for accounts we haven’t accessed in years with followers in the handful range - I am guessing they must be hemorrhaging users and engagement.

Good luck with that. Things are much nicer over here.

Whoa. I haven’t really been following closely but Starfield looks interesting. I have historically been a fan of Bethesda games, and apparently this one has 100 planetary systems or over 1,000 worlds you can actually explore - not just locked down to cities or zones, but explorable? And not generated worlds? I am so impressed and now curious.

This is the 15-minute video from the Xbox + Bethesda event: youtu.be/zmb2FJGvnAw

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Can I just appreciate out loud how awesome it is that people here on Mastodon could have a joking conversation about how to pronounce something and NOBODY was a jerk about it? That would have gone SO differently over on bird site.

Y’all are awesome.

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@dachary @pixel @swift I'm not trying the submodule way, but asked an Apple Engineer in the @wwdc '22 Slack.

This is the conversation:

Was Calendly hacked recently? I suddenly have a bunch of spam “(via Calendly)”

I have zero complaints about this as a relatively new self-taught dev, but it seems to me sessions this year have a lot more "explanatory" concept type content. There's a lot of "here's what this abstract concept is and why you might use it" and *then* saying "here's how to do this thing."

Which, IME, is *always* how educational material should be structured, because it removes assumptions about what your audience knows - but isn't what I've seen necessarily at prior @wwdc - anyone agree?

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This is pure gold first hand information for all @swift developers! Someone made some notes during a @wwdc 2022 #Apple Engineer Q&A session and published it. Awesome! 🥰 👍🏼


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