Happy day from my fat body to yours.

Taking your resources, your space, your hotties and your timeline. 🕺🏽

Raze Collective Poetry Performance Power
✨This Saturday and Sunday
⏰ Live from 5pm on IG Live
🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 7 incredible queer poets sharing their work!

1990s CHRIS



NEW GIG: Raze Collective Poetry Performance Power 🔋
This Saturday 6th March 5pm GMT I'll be reading some poetry on Raze Collective's Instagram account. A lot of lovely queers will be doing the same through the weekend, so watch out.


Serving Roes West at the Black Lodge for the Burning Eye Books Presents night this evening.

I also found a picture that I took of a list of one of the VHS tapes where I used to record videos from music channels (MTV Latin America, Telehit Mexico, D99 Monterrey). I had the wildest music tastes when I was 11. You can tell I was *very popular* amongst my peers. I'll transcribe it eventually.

Dogs, death 

Checking an old tablet's SD card and there are screenshots from when I used to Skype with my parents and my dog Vivian. She crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015 and the world has gone tae shet without her. She was the opposite of the weasel at the CERN, where she was the weasel and I was the CERN.

Team leader: we're going to split you into breakout rooms...
Me, a social anxiety cat overwhelmed by death and destruction:

My character is called Santos, after one of my ancestors. Unrelated to the city of Los Santos in the Rockstar Extended Universe.

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My honse in is such a cutie. His name is Pitufo, because he's blue like a Smurf. 🐴 💙

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