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Poetry video "To the Languages Within Us" by Cynthia Rodríguez Juárez, for Gobs Poetry Showcase and Notts TV.
Footage from Pexels Video, Videvo and Pixabay. Edited on Pinnacle Studio 24 and recorded on Audacity.

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Traduciendo mi sitio web portafolio al español. Queriendo usar más y más mi primer idioma y hacer que mi trabajo sea accesible. Llevo apenas mi biografía y la descripción de mi libro.

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I encourage you to come and look at my and website.🎙️ Still on semi-construction, but getting there with new plugins and integration. Includes a lot of press articles, videos, services, and info about my debut collection Meanwhile. :possum:

It's made on and hosted on @Stuxhost with no creepy crawlies and a lot of love. :stux:

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oh shiet, here we go again:

Hello! I'm a 34-year-old mestizx from Borrado territory aka Monterrey, , based in Leicester for over a decade. Writer and performer, into vocal loops. Interdisciplinary, intersectional, international. Living with


Increasingly into against and alternatives.

#Palestina | Así amaneció Gaza, la devastación perpetrada por Israel continúa, a vista y paciencia de todo el mundo "occidental-civilizado".

USA pals, if you can, talk to your reps about this:

Steven Donziger has been under house arrest for two years because he dared to challenge Chevron for the hideous things they're doing to the people in Ecuador.

His trial starts 17th May. If you can and it's safe, go rally for support.

Hoy vacunan la segunda dosis a mi amiga vecina y a mi marido. En dos semanas me toca a mí. Ya voy a poder hanguear con mi amiga y salir con mi bato por principios de junio, pero con mucho cuidado a quienes faltan de inocularse y respeto a quienes perdimos injustamente.

Esto no se acaba hasta que se acaba.

I'm an abolitionist, but when are we sending Goop to Guantanamo?

The Indie Video Games Bringing South and Southeast Asian Food to Your Screen: Venba (Tamil Nadu/Canada), After School Afterlife (Singapore), Lutong Bahay and Soup Pot (Philippines) :flan_chef:

also in the category of "fuck you i love it" (the direct opposite of "thanks i hate it"), colourpop has a malibu barbie collection coming out

i think if myself at thirteen could see me interested in this, she would shriek in terror and spontaneously combust.

as it is? fuck me i want this. the palette color choices are just... perfect. they're just perfect! it is also the first time i've seen a barbie-themed bit of makeup and actually wanted it as a functional bit of makeup. i feel like everyone gets suckered into complacency when trying to do barbie collab makeup because of course you do barbie pink, right? ...and then what else? this is the first time i think i've seen somebody nail the and then something else. to the point where despite me being too young by far to enjoy malibu barbie's 50th anniversary, this color story immediately clobbered me over the head with memories of the barbies i had growing up. it may in color story actually be more about late 80s/early 90s barbie than malibu barbie but i'm ok with that lol

if i didn't have a bum shoulder (thus meaning i do makeup largely one-handed) i'd want the hand mirror too. i guarantee you that i have had a piece of plastic in my possession multiple times that is this exact mirror in barbie scale, 100%

Escuchando mientras estudio porque soy una señora.

TONIGHT: Gobs Collective Showcase on Notts TV.

On the 27th of March, we had our Gobs poetry showcase, packed full of outstanding poetry films and performances. If you are more into watching television, then you are in for a treat today. Notts TV (Freeview channel 7, Virgin channel 159), the local Nottingham channel, will be screening the whole event tonight, 9pm BST. Do go and watch. It'll be fire!

@cynthia "Press, articles, videos, services and info" All of this and yet your web site did not make a single third-party request and respected my browser's Do Not Track setting. <3

Poetry video "To the Languages Within Us" by Cynthia Rodríguez Juárez, for Gobs Poetry Showcase and Notts TV.
Footage from Pexels Video, Videvo and Pixabay. Edited on Pinnacle Studio 24 and recorded on Audacity.

Slightly more "Official" post about this

my landlord decided to let us know yesterday that we can't renew our lease because he needs our apartment, we have 3 weeks to figure out where to live

we're Very underprepared for this, since he told us when we signed the lease that we could renew it in 2021

My partner @CuttlefishCryptid and I both have emergency commissions open: (my post)

Anything helps


Venmo: MuttMusk


Starting to wonder if Sooty, Soo and Sweep are in fact a polycule - Sweep repeatedly subverts gender norms since the 1980s, presents as femme quite often, is often Sootys dancing partner as much as Soo for traditional dancing and seems to have a whole wardrobe of "lasses" clothes (mostly 1980s power dresses and ballerina/dance outfits) - if he was raiding Soo's wardrobe she would defo complain about that so they must be Sweeps own 😁

Hello, good afternoon, yes, sorry for the bother, but...

Someone needs to make this, please? So that I might give them all the money.

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