@x_cli @cybeardjm but this is a reference to a different kind of crypto. It has nothing to do with cryptocurrency.

@pavot @cybeardjm Let's pretend you are not:
Password-protected disk uses a PBKDF to derive a key that is used to recover a master key, that is then used to decrypt disk sectors.
Crypto wallets use a PBKDF to derive a key that is used to decrypt the private key of the wallet.
In both cases, the user can be bashed to get the password that grants access to the disk or the wallet.
Even if the private key is stored in a secure element, you just need to bash the user to get the PIN to unlock the SE.

@x_cli @pavot "Everyone knew this was nonsense. It was obviously nonsense. But crypto is full of gullible people who are sure there's a lot of money in Ponzinomics and they will get rich even though those other fools will lose their money".

@pavot @x_cli first digital assets are not money, nor crypto... so what are you talking about?
It's all a house of cards, not backed by anything tangible. "Code is LOL" is the basis of all these greater fool / negative sum games

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