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Did this a long time ago, when testing various possibilities...

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Merci beaucoup à mes 5 nouveaux abonnés qui vivent en: France, et plus la semaine dernière.!cybeardjm

RT Louis Armstrong, his wife, Lucille Brown & a Vespa (Rome, 1949)

🔥 Hot off the press: “Infolettre de D. J. MARY 🇧🇯 - #5”
Projet, boutique, et musique bien entendu ! (via


Amy Goodman: "Everything about this is so unusual, is so astounding."

After helping win a $9.5b pollution judgement against Chevron, my passport was confiscated and a private Chevron law firm detained me at home without trial.

Now on day 590.


Vous voulez apparaitre sur ma bannière de profil ?
Très simple, il suffit de me suivre sur ! (attendre le refresh de 120s).

Essayez ! 😎 by

Ma photo de profil affiche désormais une barre de progression : mon avancée vers l'ajout de 100 followers supplémentaires ! 😎

THX - I'm trying it now!
Get yours here:


And as if descended from the heavens itself, the Pugasus appeared among the grumble of Unipugs.

" [...] so much of the funding for ’s fintechs comes from abroad, losses may lead the market to “overcorrect”. If foreign capital flees, that could cripple firms with sound business models, too. Yet quitting Africa need not be the only option if hits trouble."


The thing about Putin’s game isn’t just that it’s smart. It is; he’s playing it well. It’s also that America’s institutions from intel to courts to government is so incredibly inept now at fighting it. It’s genuinely astonishing how badly they’re doing at it


"Republican officials are putting the machinery in place to subvert & overturn elections, openly, as a matter of law. If the Democratic Party doesn't stop them...say goodbye to American democracy. It's that simple."

My opening monologue on tonight:


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” —Mary Anne Radmacher



The key to success: realistic goal-setting.

Who was your most delusional client?

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