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“Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.”
- George Carlin

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If that's something you do, I just launched a Patreon...
Si cela vous tente, je viens de lancer un Patreon...

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Although I've been in the Fediverse for quite some time (am a Google+ refugee!), don't have a proper as a pinned toot... Here you go:

living in Benin, WestAfrica

consultant (remote!)

Did a lot more (Intellectual Property, music producing/publishing, sound & music design etc.)
Love , , (bread...)

Bien que je sois présent dans le Fediverse depuis pas mal de temps (réfugié de Google+ !), je n'ai pas d'Introduction dans mon profil... Voilà ci-dessous :

vivant au Benin, Afrique de l'Ouest

indépendant (à distance !)


J'ai fait plein d'autres choses (Propriété Intellectuelle, production/édition de musique , illustration sonore etc.)
J'aime , les séries , (pain...)


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1 - Display image (or tweet) in full
2 - Scan the with your prefered app
3 - Read the text and comment below
PS: there's absolutely no link inside, just text

Did this a long time ago, when testing various possibilities...

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Chevron just got the shit trolled out of them


Just want to point out — again — that with it’s easy to find a server where hate is banned and you don’t have to see it. Because Mastodon doesn’t need to drive engagement for revenue, or worry about retaliation by fascist politicians.


Stop forwarding clips of far right Italian politician Giorgia Meloni using anticolonial arguments to support racist or nationalist political positions. What she is doing has a long history in Italy. It is called rossobrunismo or red-brownism.

Mystery song #1
Received via the African Music Forum, here's a link to an unknown song from Africa. Who can help here?
- language unknown, although there seems to be words in Swahili (?)
- song is drums + whistles + call/response



The market is too big they said ... there's too much money ... there's too many smart people ... it's here to stay ... it's inevitable ... it's the future ... there must be something here.

And yet the whole farce now lies in ruin, exactly as predicted.


Google Broke Image Search for Creative Commons and Hardly Anyone Noticed/Cares


Walled Culture ( is the first book providing a compact, non-technical history of digital copyright and its problems over the last 30 years, and the social, economic and technological implications.

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