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I've recently got into playing Minetest, and I've been playing on ''. It's been a lot of fun, and I encourage you to join if you're looking for a multiplayer server!

I started playing Minetest just out of curiosity, and I'm now mildly addicted.

XMRig is a small mining program you could use to mine #Monero #XMR currency using a machines CPU. Doing so will not be profitable, the currency you get will barely cover the additional electricity cost. Still, may be interesting to do if you are particularly interested in digital currency technology.

I've noticed a direct correlation between how much people know about how technology works, and how much they are concerned about digital privacy.

@stragu Take note that F4map and MapsMe still load Google services and scripts. I don't know about OsmAnd though,

@nolan Computers can allow you drastically improve your life, but only if you're the one who's actually in control of them.

Steam’s Proton was able to run BeamNG (a Windows only game) on Linux, right out of the box with no modifications. Controller support even worked. Loading times were slower than Windows, but FPS was actually higher. My mind is blown.

I put Linux on a 2012 MacBook, and it's ridiculously fast for being 8 year old hardware

Twitter wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not last week’s attackers read or exfiltrated direct messages if it had end-to-end encrypted them.

Me: *disables browser cookies*
Websites: “Wait, this wasn’t the plan”

@purism Will it be able to run different Linux distros, or just PureOS?

@eff As EFF has said, merging Fitbit’s trove of health and biometric data with Google’s data makes it harder and harder for privacy-focused tech companies to exist and compete.

21 TiB Of "Open Source" Software From #GitHub Is Now Stored In the #Norwegian Arctic World Archive on Svalbard island. The film reels used to store the source code should, in theory, last thousands of years.

Had a cool idea for a project, created the git repo, wrote a README, built a webpage, made branding, opened a terminal, and went “Wait how am I actually going to do this”

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