"Smart Water" sounds like a product a company would announce as an April Fools Joke. Turns out its actually a thing someone made.

After 6 months of my Instagram account being deleted, I took a second shot at it.

Apparently I'm flagged as being a dangerous individual. That's a new one.

Anyone care to answer why me using a FOSS Instagram client that prevents Instagram from accessing my information without my permission makes me the dangerous one?

It's like if you locked your front door and a thief tried to call the cops on you for it.

Check engine lights are so vague. Imagine if the human nervous system was just like "Yup, something's wrong, but it could either be a mosquito bite or a fractured skull"

I'm working on a command-line based game in which you explore procedurally generated dimensions. I'm still working out the details, so its possible it'll never be finished, but I hope it comes out as I'm hoping.

I've been working on V0LT's branding a lot lately, and I'm really happy with how things are coming along. Check out v0lttech.com/branding.php!

Being able to pipe 'curl' outputs into python is a godsend as a computer nerd. Instead of having to walk someone through installing my program just to test it out, I can just have them run a one line command that downloads the code from GitHub.

Why Schools Should Exclusively Use Free Software: Educational activities, including schools of all levels from kindergarten to university, have a moral duty to teach only free software.

Don’t you love when your CPU is so slow that you can’t even watch the Zen 3 event without the video buffering every 3 seconds despite a wired internet connection

I’ve gotten back into Monero mining, with two old laptops I’ve gotten over 3kH/s. That’s not terrible considering they’re both MacBooks.

Today, September 17th, is the birthday of the Linux kernel 0.0.1! Happy birthday, Linux!

I’ve noticed that when I take my mask off, I still talk really loud because I’m so used to having to compensate for the mask.

Well, I tried installing a CPU for the first time today.

...I dropped it and bent pins.

Good news is it was a really old cheap processor. The bad news is I’m planning on building a pc with a $450 CPU in the near future.

Even if they aren’t particularly popular terms in the non-tech industry, I still really like when people refer to “free as in freedom” software as free software, and “free as in cost” software as freeware.

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I had a professor today use “free software” to refer to software that costs $0, then correct himself and say “freeware, not free software”.

I approve

A couple of months ago @elementary replaced Google Analytics with Plausible Analytics and now another popular Linux distribution has de-Googled too: Zorin OS 🥰👏


The Future of American Industry Depends on Open Source Tech Instead of launching into a costly trade war with China, we need to fully embrace the fastest, safest, and most democratic way of advancing technology. wired.com/story/opinon-the-fut

Do you ever just instinctively try to fast forward while on a long video call?

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