This is the best sentence I have read in a good while:

"Their proposal seems to be that the Great Filter is that Capitalism is a death cult: either you reach for the stars and explode, or you get a little cottage in the country and don't bother disassembling Jupiter."

Further reading (thanks, @graydon, for the tip) suggests that yes, Omicron cases where the main symptoms are gastrointestinal are indeed a thing, that nose/throat swabs mostly don't show anything (you need stool sampling to discover the virus), and it does indeed match what I've been experiencing. In turn, best prognosis is a change in diet is in order, at least in the short term. Which is good to know. Lots of live low fat yoghurt seemed to help, but I've run out: next on the agenda is trying porridge (which I keep forgetting I like).

What am I doing here?

Well, TBH I haven't said much lately because I came down with COVID—began about a week ago. (LFTs are somehow still negative, but it's a dead ringer for Omicron, complete with about 80% of the top 10 symptoms, precise mix varying day-to-day.) Yes, I am vaxxed/boosted. Yes, I think I'm beginning to improve. No lung trouble, fever disappeared after 2-3 days, worst stuff has been the brain fog and ongoing digestive problems. Hah. Did I say "brain fog"? Well, guess why I haven't been around here much!

So, I finally came up with a definitive short elevator pitch for my next novel ("Season of Skulls", due out in May 2023, due on my editors' desks next month).

I'm pretty sure I can't get it any shorter than this:

(Drum roll)


Hello world!

Reminder: if, like me, you just arrived here from twitter, then nobody knows who you are. And if you don't put something in your profile, it makes it really hard to reconnect with you (even if it's just "I'm on twitter as @cstross)!

TBH I have no idea what I'm doing here yet; or even if I'm going to stick around. But I am not enthused by the prospects for twitter in view of yesterday's news ...

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