uncontrollable entity knocking stuff over and breaking things? Cat.

i'm working on a study titled 'Urological Symptoms and Experiences of Care for Transfeminine People' with the aim of making urologists better advocates for their trans/NB patients. It consists of a one-time questionnaire that was reviewed and edited by 20 trans volunteers in my community.

i've reached a plateau in recruitment and i'm trying to get creative :)

would anyone here be interested in lending their time and experience to support a newbie researcher?

body image 

there's no such thing as getting back to a body you used to have. i see it all over the place, especially for femme-presenting people--pre-quarantine body, pre-pregnancy body, pre-illness body, etc. it's become a normalized idea that if we work hard enough we can go back to a specific shape or weight, and i think that's a big disservice to all the work our bodies do everyday. we are a dynamic sum of parts that are constantly turning over, shifting, new.

*email* please complete our 10-minute survey!

*opens survey* this survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete

*after 45 minutes of filling out one continuous page of open-ended questions* accidentally refreshes page

@TK: scribing is awesome! and very intense! you prob know more than me at this point lol
slenderman has a strong ick-factor for me too, my fav is flukeman (xfiles)
the Phenomenon pod looks cool! i'm gonna check it out, thanks for the rec

i'm jessie, a 28 y.o NB femmer, chihuahua mother, cat daddy, horror/sci-fi enthusiast

i'm a lil baby doctor-in-training, inching ever closer to being a sex-positive, gender diversity focused urologist 💦

I love talking all things medicine, especially trans accessibility (make gynecology queer!) Also mental health, substance use, and trauma-informed care for chronically unhoused people

please tell me your fav horror baddie, cryptid crush, or spooky science oopsie :)

Just realized I can post this illustration here without fear of it getting deleted 🎉

typing ‘shiver me timbers’ as a correct answer into a NYT crossword puzzle is the sexiest thing that happened to me this week

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