i'm jessie, a 28 y.o NB femmer, chihuahua mother, cat daddy, horror/sci-fi enthusiast

i'm a lil baby doctor-in-training, inching ever closer to being a sex-positive, gender diversity focused urologist 💦

I love talking all things medicine, especially trans accessibility (make gynecology queer!) Also mental health, substance use, and trauma-informed care for chronically unhoused people

please tell me your fav horror baddie, cryptid crush, or spooky science oopsie :)

@cranberrybean I might not be in medical training but I'm a scribe for an ED and power to you for pursuing all that education!
Something about slenderman will always stick with me. There's this one podcast called phenomenon pod with a cool horrific science based disease I liked.

@TK: scribing is awesome! and very intense! you prob know more than me at this point lol
slenderman has a strong ick-factor for me too, my fav is flukeman (xfiles)
the Phenomenon pod looks cool! i'm gonna check it out, thanks for the rec

@cranberrybean ok so I hadn't seen that cryptid before... I feel like I should probably re watch xfiles because I don't remember much of it. That cryptid creeps me out just looking at him!

@cranberrybean welcome to being a healthcare professional! Urology is 💯
And I don't have a fav horror badie because I hate being scared hahaha

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