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Hi there fediverse. I'm up here in the Pacific Northwest chillaxin with Bigfoot (aka Roy M. Sasquatch, Esq) and slinging code for a living. I'm a refugee from all centralized social and corporate media sources. I'm one of those Linux people your granny warned you about. I'm an online privacy geek. Open source everything is my approach.

Say hi sometime. I'll follow back and try to use coasters for my drinks when you host bingo night.

Yup... I have lost my damned mind. I am switching from Cordova to Ionic on a project at the last second. I've been working on this since mid January... but I've hit a wall that I can't get past this week due to framework limitations.

Pour a 40 for your homie over here...

So, I'm trying out a pretty cool masto client called Telephant. I gotta say, this is a pretty slick and minimalist UI for this thing.

I was gonna be productive... but wine just got an update and I can hopefully play GTA 5 now.

Hello, I'm Greg.
I'm a writer and voice actor who's trying to do more writing and voice acting, now that my paying job is on unpaid furlough, due to .

I love (both and them, or attempting to), , , and . I'm on the usual platforms and thought I'd try this out.

Feel free to check out my :, with links to my and other stuff I'm doing.

The stretch of skin between your thumb and index finger is technically known as your handpit.

Remember: a hydrated handpit is a healthy handpit.

I've been watching review videos for random stuff lately and I'm seeing a formulaic trend.

Here's the formula:

* 20% talk specs after masterbatory intro
* 10% point out the advertised features
* 50% shit on said features, peppered with bias and minimal information. Insist more expensive items as superior.
* 10% whine about how the features that it never shipped with make it less than ideal.
* 10% beg for your love, talk up their upcoming review... obnoxious outro music.

A micromanager is 1/1,000,000 of a real manager

It's after midnight and all I can think about is if there's a toaster that can run Skyrim.

If you blow air from your mouth at a high velocity while standing under a shower, you can pretend to be a water breathing dragon.

tired: getting fake acid
wired: getting real acid wash jorts

then, everything changed when the pudding nation attacked...

amazing how 5 minutes lurking the home page of Reddit makes me want to give up on humanity while also hating myself for quickly realizing that I allowed that manipulation for a long, furious 5 minutes.

I want to keep up on events, but that ain't the place to get them.

no one talks about Elon Musks hidden daughter ∆π@-4

I went my 90s bands to be Less than Jake but also Better than Ezra.

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