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On 2nd of October I'll be having a very special guest on my monthly livestream.

None other than Paul Davis, the creator of Ardour!

Ardour is the best open-source DAW we have.

If you have any questions for Paul - write them down and ask in the chat during the livestream on YouTube - we'll be counting on you :)

The stream will start as always at 17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET here:

Don't miss this one :)

#unfa #unfalive #Ardour #LinuxAudio #FOSS #OpenSource #GNU #FreeSoftware

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HiFiScan is an open-source application that lets you either manually or automatically create an #EQ curve to compensate for your speakers or room frequency response in order to achieve a flat, neutral audio reproduction. There are well known commercial products that do this, so here's a #libre alternative:
It can export curves that can be imported into system-wide EQ software for Linux, Mac and Windows.
#FOSSaudio #LibreAudio #Audio #MusicProduction #AudioProduction #FOSS

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#TAL-Sampler updated to v4.1.2

The latest update brings a lot of improvements and new features to TAL-#Sampler. This update is free for all TAL-Sampler users.

#PeaceLoveMusik #Musicproduction

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DeepGliss Is A FREE Continuous Chord Pitch Bend Plugin - Bedroom Producers Blog

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I just installed #fire, an #audio #plugin from Wings audio. Haven't played much with it yet, but I think I quite like it.
Just the A/B feature is already quite cool. Need to try the rest properly in the studio though.

Fire is a multiplatform, multiband distortion plugin available as VST3. It has a bunch of nice features like oversampling, widener per band, several distorsion types, EQ and safe output. I'll keep you tuned.

Get it here:

#musicproduction #mixing #music #linuxaudio
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And now it is time for Carla.

It is 2 releases at once, wow!

JSFX plugin support and SDL engine driver are highlights, and some little extras to keep everything updated.

Not an exciting release perhaps, but a necessary one.

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I'm once again trying to learn to play keyboard and to better memorize the notes I made myself a little game. I think I got better at keyboard just while debugging it. Now when I need to play some note I don't need to find C first and count from there, lol.

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Today I discovered my midi controller in Star Trek Picard 🖖 season 2 episode 10: the Korg nanoKontrol 2. Spoiler warning: It does not go where no one has gone before 🚀 . It is only a midi controller 🎛️🎹 .

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News from the #BMusic #audio software development after a long time. There's now a new release of the groove quantizer #LV2 plugin #BSchaffl. Now you can directly enter marker positions and thus you can exactly define the pulse length.

BSchaffl is a #MIDI plugin that vitalizes your music production with rubato / shuffle / swing effects.


#musicproduction #linuxaudio

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A new open-source audio plug-in format is emerging. As it's being developed in the open with the music software companies and open-source audio developers alike I think it has the potential to unify the landscape, make open-source the standard and introduce unprecedented interoperability between proprietary and libre audio packages, allowing people to easily move to the libre side, as all their expansive plug-ins would "just work!"!

Say hello to CLAP:


Finally it happened: My first EP is released! It's called "Polyaggregate" and on the label Trau-ma. This week exclusively on Bandcamp and from Friday everywhere else. I am so happy!

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Cardinal 22.05 is here!

Finally with Fundamental modules, plus a bunch of other goodies.
Best release so far! 🚀 🚀 🚀

It takes care of all the major items I wanted to see in Cardinal, and seems to run quite well and stable.
Wanted to get this out of the way before moving to other things.

With that said, have fun!

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