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I just watched the newest Christmas Carol made last year and I am upset that there was a magical negro character and also glad there was a black woman witch but also mad that she had to be in just can't even. Seriously just always in service of Ytness? Especially yt men? I just

I can't even begin to express how different a lifestyle I lead than my parents. I just watched cable tv for the first time in probably a year and that shit is WILD and BRIGHT and APPROPRIATIVE and MANIPULATION-Yt like fuck

I'm making this mask (it just needs the elastic loops sewn on) for a raffle to raise money for indie clinics/abortion funds sometime in January. I was inspired by an incredibly racist anti choicer (that venn diagram is pretty much a circle tbqh), because I'm nothing if not petty.
It's not visibly in the picture, but this fabric is VERY holographicy

Transracial adoption 

Throwback Thursday to like 2006


back to my childhood home. Let's play a game, can you find me in this family picture?

financially support the black people in your life. if you don't have any, donate double to any mutual aid fund you see. for real. give your money directly to black and brown people.

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What was that movie called, Desperately Seeking Susan or Desperately Seeking Validation? Oh well I'm sure I'll find them both here.

Descriptors or personal identifiers feel like oil and I am water, they don't mix but just sit their heavily while others try to mix them together oblivious to the fact that it won't work OR recognizing they won't mix just staring at it resentfully.

TOOT TOOT introducing a vice president that is living in the intersections of a few social constructs was a clever ruse

my mom calls the government Uncle Sugar. my mother is a yt woman married to a yt veteran.

yo im selling stickers of my memes so if u like leftist content and supporting trans people of color maybe check out

Headlines DONT be like: Police Officer Plants Drugs On Poor Black Kid, Does TikTok Dance On Camera, Then Arrests Black Kid After

Headlines SHOULD be like: Everyone Agrees Yt People Are Actually Parasites

Headlines DONT be like: Your Isms/Phobias/Love Of Facism Won't Heal Your Childhood Trauma

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